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ESN Autumn Training Vienna 2016

The training activity took place
in Vienna - Austria
organised by ESN

Aims & objectives

Learn the different stages a team goes through
Learn that others’ culture are not odd
Learn different contexts that working relationships have
Learn how to create a good workplace relationship
Learn that all cultures have their differences and similarities as well
Learn the skills required to develop a cultural competence
Learn the different cultural dimensions
Learn that we all have stereotypes and a little bit of ethnocentrism
Learn to eliminate stereotypes and to acknowledge strengths in other cultures
Learn the advantages of working in Multicultural Teams
Learn how to motivate a multicultural team

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Co-Trainers were from Mozambique (me) and Hungary. Participants came from several parts of Europe (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands).

Training methods used & main activities

Brain Storming, Discussions, Silent Discussions, Need Assessment, Feedback activities, Team Building Activities. And all activities were followed by a debriefing based on the Kolb's Cycle.

Outcomes of the activity

Participants filled out a form and the average portrait a really satisfied participants. In the end of this training participants had a better understanding of how intercultural teams work.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Co-Design and deliver all 4 day training activities.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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