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Erasmus Me

The training activity took place
in Bonn, Germany
organised by Intercultural Youth Dialogue Association e.V

Aims & objectives

• To go deeper and to understand better the context and purpose of Erasmus+ and projects within its frame.
• To deepen understanding of the aims and objectives of Erasmus+ program and learn to “fit” the project idea into the frame of the program
• To gain theoretical and practical knowledge about development of the whole project application.
• Raise the quality of the projects within Erasmus+ field and increase the overall quality of non-formal learning and youth work at international level.
• Engaging youth with potential work environment and adding to their experience, plus introduce them to a potential work opportunity with the sector of development and management of European Youth.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target Group was youth workers between above 18 years.
Teams were from Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey and Sweden.

Training methods used & main activities

Methodology used: Non Formal Education workshops.


Me as a project manager: Gallery walk: Presentation of the results of the interviews with experienced project managers participants did in their organizations as a part of the preparation for the project, in order to raise the level of motivation.

Before Project Management:
1. "Snowball: participants start to create the definition of non-formal learning in pairs. After they are done they create bigger groups by merging the couples. They are also merging their definitions and create only one out of two. Groups continue to merge, same as their
definitions until, in the end, we have only one group and one final definition. After work, we will have a discussion about definition itself and its elements. "
2. Research: participants in 3 groups will get the task to explore E+ program and these specific activities within the KA1 After the research, we will have group presentations with the review and filling in the information gaps so participants get the full picture.
3. "Theoretical input: trainers will present following:
-informal group
- Eulogin and how to obtain PIC number
- supporting documents (financial identification form and legal entity form)
- partnership identification form-how to make a description"
4. Theoretical input + group work: Participants will be shown how to enter the system and where to find application form. Mandate letter and time table will be shown and explained. After that, in small groups, participants will check everything by themselves. In the end discussion and conclusions.

Logical Framework Approach.
1. Theoretical input + group work: Logical framework aproach will be presented and explained to participants. After that, they will have to decide in which field/topc they want to develop project. According to their choices, working group will be created and they will stay same until the end of the training. In accordance with choosen topic, groups will start to develop project ideas with the help of LFA.

Project Milestones.
1. Project Idea and LFA development;
2. Project description;
3. Participant description;
4. Preparation description;
5. Activities description;
6. Activity timetable;
7. Follow up description;
8. Budget description.

Shortly describe the implementation phase and Reporting.

Outcomes of the activity

It was a mobility of youth workers aims to provide youth workers and leaders, project managers and coordinators with space and tools to discover Erasmus+ youth projects and to equip them with practical tools and methods to develop their own project ideas in best possible way.
7 days of workshops detailed about how to manage a project since the early start to the end of the reporting.
Results Achieved during the TC:
- Good quality NFE tools created by participants due to the efficiency of the learning and experimenting process they went through during the TC.
- Good quality project drafts created by participants - one Capacity Building in the field of Youth, one KA1Youth multi-activity (2 TCs), one KA1 Youth mobility of youth workers.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of three Trainers of the Training Course:
- workshops regarding Erasmus plus KA1 information;
- workshops regarding team building;
- workshops regarding Project designing;
- workshops about each milestone of proposal writing;
- workshop creation NFE tools.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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