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Erasmus code- a programme for Everyone

The training activity took place
in Esterreja, Portugal
organised by Portuguese National Agency of Erasmus + Youth in Action (National Agency)
13-20 December 2015

Aims & objectives

With this project 2 issues that new and young users, at a local and national level, encounter were addressed:
- how to fully understand the program and the guide
- how to find and build an international partnership/network

The TC exlored how to create opportunities for youngster with fewer opportunities within specific projects or on a broader scale in the Erasmus+ program. It also focused on how to create and sustain international partnerships and networks.

- Improve the accessibility of the program to new and young users, promoting this way the inclusion aspects of the Erasmus+ in the field of youth
- Create multipliers for the Erasmus+ - Youth in Action program at a national and local level.
- Increase the quality of international partnerships and cooperation
- Increase the quality of European youth projects
- Promote the use of the Erasmus+ program by young people with fewer opportunities

- To provide participants with a clear understanding of background, priorities and structure of the program Erasmus + -Youth in Action
- To create tools (guides, guidelines, video tutorials, promotion campaigns, etc) that can help newcomers accessing the program
- To foster the future creation at local/national level of projects promoting the accessibility of the Erasmus+ for youth organizations, NGO's, informal group of young people who wouldn't easily access it
- To make it easier for young people with fewer opportunities to access the Erasmus+ opportunities in the field of youth
- To promote new partnerships between youth organizations interested in making the Erasmus + program and its opportunities more accessible for young people in different Eu countries

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

21 Youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, members of youth networks, youth NGO's, national councils or national pools of trainers who have already some level of experience in international youth cooperation and want to explore the possibilities of the Erasmus+ program. Participants should also be willing to create reference tools or projects to make more accessible the program used at a local, national or european level. Participants should already be acting as multipliers on a local or national level or should be willing to do so in the future. Participants were coming from 11 different Erasmus + Youth programme countries
Rodrigo Vilarinho (Portugal /Sweden) and myself with the support of Portugues Na

Training methods used & main activities

The approach was based on holistic approach to the topic of the knowledge and accessibility of the programme Erasmus + Youth in Action , in the sense that we try to provide participants with a flexible learning experience which explore especially the values, history, process which are stating behind the Erasmus + Youth in Action programme and influence its structure and practice. We work a lot on the specific learning needs of participants with an on-going programme adjustment and development.
We used a combination of different methods in a Learning Space Dynamic environment including workshops and exercise on key features of Erasmus + programme such as Inclusion and Equity, Intercultural learning, Learning dimension and employability. At the same time participants have time to explore the programme and its values, history, process trough different learning tools (tutorial video, written text, practical exercises, presentations). All the process was supported by an on going mentoring system.

Outcomes of the activity

Project ideas
The training produce 9 different project ideas to improve the accessibility of the programme at local, national, international level with the contribution of all participants divided in several working groups.
Here a summary of the ideas

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Programme designer and Trainer

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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