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Effective Communication and Presenting

The training activity took place
in Bitola, Macedonia
organised by Center for Sustainability and Advanced Education - Bitola (Project CBCiVET - Cross Border Cooperation for improvement of VET)
17 - 18 December 2012

Aims & objectives

This training was part of a bigger project and met the Objective No. 4: Development of adequate skills of target groups through vocational training courses.
This training was scheduled to be implemented for the needs of teachers of vocational schools to improve communication skills and using effective learning presentations on practical subjects.
According to the Objective No.4, main goal of the training was:
-Participants to improve essential communication skills to be better educator; better to inform and inspire students; teachers also to improve the process of planning, preparation and performance of an effective presentation.
After the training, participants gained practical knowledge of:
- Determination of learning styles among people and therefore to adapt educational programs;
- To understand the importance of verbal / non-verbal communication as well as appropriate using of one-way and two-way communication in different processes;
- Use appropriate questioning techniques for managing group processes;
- To plan, prepare and deliver a successful presentation;
- To use appropriate visual tools for supporting the main issue.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Teachers from Vocational High-Schools from Macedonia (Ohrid, Struga, Bitola) and Albania (Elbasan).
The group was heterogeneous which means that it was composed with teachers who teach general education courses (foreign language, psychology, etc.) and teachers who teach vocational subjects.

Training methods used & main activities

According to the main developing topic, the program was designed to be realized in two days
The training was designed by an interactive way of learning, also known as “learning by doing” methodology.
The methods that we have used during the training were the following:
Exercises with simulations, Exercises with role playing, Group works, General discussions, Short lecturing, Case studies, Power Point presentations.

Outcomes of the activity

The training achieved its main goal and objectives and we concluded that according the daily and final evaluation of the training. 95% of participants positively evaluated the training itself, the quality of trainers, the methodology used, their personal involvement, and logistic support given by the organizer.
Also their comments proving the success of the training by asking to have training like this once per month or quarterly.

For visual content please visit the web site of the project

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Asses the needs of the attendees on topics for presentation and communication.
- Design of the training program and methodology.
- Design of the training materials.
-Delivering two days training.
- Writing evaluation report with directions of further needs for improvement.

I worked on this training for 2 days as a full time trainer.

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