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EDUK8 Training for Trainers

The training activity took place
in Cluj Napoca, Romania
organised by Erasmus Student Network
13-22 August 2013
Reference person

Eliza Popper

(Coordinator of the project)
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Aims & objectives

Main aim: to further develop the international Pool of Trainers of Erasmus Student Network.
- Familiarize paricipants with NFE training methods
- Inspire and motivate participants to become trainers
- Train participants in how to be trainers what competences and skills are necessary in order to become trainers within the ESN network
- Train participants in specific themes so they can immediately put into practice what they have learnt
- Give participants a chance to practice their newly acquires competences at the event

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

42 participants from all over Europe (Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland).

Trainers team composition: 3 trainers (2 from Hungary, 1 from Bulgaria)

Training methods used & main activities

- world café
- silent discussions
- role plays
- simulation games
- presentations
- energizers
- e-learning
- debate
- fisbbowl-discussions
- Brainstorming
- self-assessment
- open space
- buzz group
- reflection groups

Outcomes of the activity

Participants of the Eduk8 training course joined the Cadet pool of trainers of ESN network and are holding workshops within the ESN network. Some of them became trainers at the Eduk8 Winter Training course. Participants became inspired and are participating in many other trainings/TfTs.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was a full time trainer in the event - involved also in the development of the content of the training course.

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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