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Education Through Sport Training of Trainers TC

The training activity took place
in Alicante, Spain
organised by ACD La Hoya
22-30 October 2018

Aims & objectives

EurAsian Social ActiveNation (EUASAN) aims to foster trans-continental cooperation in community development (CD) between countries and organizations of Europe (Greece, Spain, Hungary) and Asia (India, Vietnam). EUASAN comprises of 5 interrelated events (1 Kick off meeting, 2 Training Courses, 1 local implementation in home countries and 1 Final Evaluation meeting) lasting a total 2 years. The overall aim of this KA2 Capacity Building project was to foster development of communities (marginalised, school, rural area, volunteering and young people with fewer opportunities) by using two interrelated methods a) non-formal education (NFE) for self-development and leadership skills enhancement b) education through sport (ETS).
ETS methodology was chosen as it consists of the integration and implementation of sport elements to be used for educational purpose to address social issues, develop social competences and provoke a lasting social transformation. EUASAN project developed communities on two level: 1) European and Asian youth leaders/workers to build intercultural relations and understanding between these 2 regions 2) within the organizations and their field of work. Participants gained necessary skills and became trainers/facilitators involving communities to turn them into active and happy citizens by creating platforms/activities for inclusion.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

It was a KA2 Capacity Building project that comprised of various activities including 2 training courses.
Partners were from Asia and Europe (see above) and in this second training course they became trainers - as it was Training of Trainers of Education Through Sport.
Participants were youth workers.

Training methods used & main activities

outdoor methods
Education Through Sport theory and practice
Experiential learning
Reflection groups

Outcomes of the activity

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the Coordinator of this 2 years KA2 Capacity Building project for Hungary.
Was trainer of the second training course - TOT Education Through Sport
Created the Booklet along with the other trainers on the methods and techniques applied in both training courses of EUASAN Project ( 1st in India, 2nd in Spain)

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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