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Drawing the future

The training activity took place
in Viseu, Portugal
organised by APOGESD
20-25 November 2017

Aims & objectives

To promote a European multi-space for training, sharing, creating networking, dissemination and creation of
1) To promote empowerment of youth workers as actors for intervention and change in the achievement of
the objectives of Europe 2020;
2) To promote the associations’ work in the context of youth at European level, to reinforce the international
dimension of their activities and enhance the future cooperation and the sharing of good practice;
3) To promote the dissemination and consequent creation of impacts and sustainability of relevant partner
organizations’ projects;
4) To promote empowerment for intercultural dialog, active citizenship and social inclusion and diversity;
5) To promote multilingualism (English);
6) To promote the certification and validation of competences through Youthpass

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth workers aged 18 years or over, with some experience in a non formal education and in social inclusion
and diversity. Will participate 40 youth workers, and of that, at least, 30 shall be participants with fewer
opportunities and will be respected gender balance.

Training methods used & main activities

Based on the methodology of non formal education. Ice-breakers, get to know, team buildings, dynamics,
resolution of challenges, discussion and debate, sharing of cultural elements and best practices, debriefing,
assessment and evaluation

Outcomes of the activity

1) More able to implement strategies for social inclusion and diversity;
2) More able to implement strategies for dissemination and exploitation of results and the creation of impacts;
3) More able to social and youth intervention;
4) More proactive and aware of their European citizenship;
5) More tolerant, open to difference, to dialog, to the discovery and less stigmatizing;
6) More cognizant of the cultures involved;
7) Greater social and cultural sensitivity;
8) More available for learning in pairs and in groups;
9) More awake to fundamental values;
10) More capable and competent to establish a communication in English.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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