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The training activity took place
in Zagreb, Croatia
organised by Association of deaf and hard of hearing

Aims & objectives

This project aimed to fulfill the need of both the youngsters and the youth workers in their organizations, to get the necessary skills that would help them in their personal, social and professional development.
The objectives of our project met the priorities of the Programme as follows: by getting the entrepreneurial skills and the attitudinal and motivational ones they will succeed in diminishing the rate of unemployment among youngsters;
We accomplished these objectives:
- To provide participants with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to increase their employability;
- To develop among participants their transversal skills;
- To empower participants to use non formal education as a mean of empowering young people;
- To foster participation of young people in social life;
- To develop life skills for being an active citizen.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

All of the participants of this project were youth workers, youth leaders or multipliers that encounter in their work with youngsters with low employability level. Most of them were coming from deprived geographical, social or economical areas. We involved participants from 7 European countries: Croatia, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy and Romania.

Training methods used & main activities

The instruments and the methods used for implementing the project were from the field of non-formal education; by providing support to the development of the necessary skills for employment and the entrepreneurial skills the entire training was systematically built and started from attitudinal aspects (trust and self-esteem), it went through communication skills, working in teams, creativity and it ended up with specific knowledge about entrepreneurship.
The project implemented the following activities:
- Workshops with interactive methods
- Role-playing
- Discussions
- Intercultural evening
- Presentation of their organizations,
- Evaluation
- Team-building activities,
- Excursion
- Getting to know the local community
- Daily reflection groups

Outcomes of the activity

The project had positive impact on personal and social development of the participants: they gained and improved skills that are important for young people living in the enlarged Europe like intercultural competence, ability to work in international team, language skills. The training helped participants to raise self-confidence when being in unusual situations and also increased their interest about other countries and cultures. They also learned cultural differences and similarities and analyzed them to develop analytic skills. They also learned that they can positively influence not only their own personal and social development but also the youngsters’ development from the target group of their organization and also of their communities.
The measurement of impact was done through final and ex post evaluation.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

-Writing project application
-Planning and implementing training agenda
-Delivering evaluation sessions
-Writing project report

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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