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Design Your Entreprise: Get Started!

The training activity took place
in Prague, CZ
organised by Brno Connected

Aims & objectives

"Design your enterprise" was a project addressing the increasing problem of youth unemployment in Europe and the need of learning the social entrepreneurial skill set in order to enable young people to act on their own and adapt to the continuously changing labour market. The idea behind was to create a training which would help youth workers to get an experience in this field and then supporting unemployed young people they are connected to to learn as well. The training was there to provide them an opportunity to train such a mind set and to grow their own ideas.

- to create fulfillment in a jobless economy, to empower the participants make the best of their skills, talents and hobbies and seize the reality as a context full of possibilities and alternatives, while enjoying their lives.
- To exchange knowledge on how to create / promote your own enterprise
- To learn and practice the entrepreneurial skill set in order to find an inspiring activity that makes income

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants were 30 youthworkers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Turkey and Lithuania.

Training methods used & main activities

The training was higly experiential and based on "learning by doing" approach.

Interactive lecture and brainstorming on Lean Canvas as a background for social enterprise, team planning, individual planning, art elements, outdoor activities, Circle of Creativity, Living Library with social entrepreneurs, visiting social enterprises in Prague, individual tasks of finding resources in Prague, shooting videos, etc.

Outcomes of the activity

In the knowledge area, participants learned:
- What is social entreprise and how to work with it
- What are the elements of good practice in social enterprise
- Which are specifics of entrepreneurship and how they differ in partner countries
- Which competences and skill I need as an entrepreneur
- Which steps are needed to be taken for becoming more aware of my own skills and how to take them

In the skills area they got to:
- develop their communication skills within a team
- practice foreign language in setting a plan and implementing solutions
- improve media skills and negotiation skills
- design a week training for young people interested in SE
In their attitudes, participants got an opportunity for becoming creative, assertive, able to take initiative, self-
confidence, forward-looking and responsible for their potential, as they reported in their final feedbacks as

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I delivered the programme of the training, together with a colleague trainer Marija Wazi.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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