This is a reference for Samer Al-Kasih

Cutiv8 in EuroMed. Sports ad Games as a Tool for intercultural dialouge

The training activity took place
in Amman, Jordan
organised by URI/united relgion initatives
28/6 - 5/7/2013

Aims & objectives

• Building the capacity of participants using innovative Sports and Traditional Games to enable them become active citizens and positive changing agents in their communities. We aim to:
• Promote social responsibility and active citizenship among youth, i.e. engage a community’s citizens to meet the needs of the community.
• Break down cultural misconceptions and stereotypes.
• Provide tools and strategies to reach out vulnerable and marginalize youth and engage them in youth work and society building.
• Create art work and group games that merges the ideas and cultures of different European and Mediterranean nations
• Consolidate and encourage networks and partnerships between young people, and youth organizations.
Develop interpersonal and group communication skills in multicultural settings

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth Trainers - Youth Workers from the Partners , at the follwoing countries :
Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Spain , italy, UK.

Training methods used & main activities

* Work Group.
* Role Game.
* Non formal education.
* Ice Breaking and Energizers.
* Feild visits.

Outcomes of the activity

• Actual understanding of games and their importance in the community
• Lively practicing the invented games and seeing their validity
• Organizing a community day where all the outcomes are done to the local children of Amman
• Experiencing live proof of how to use sports as a modem for participation and social inclusion
• Identifying traditional games and practicing them which is part of intercultural learning

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

* leaded some sessions ,
* prepare the training hall for sessions
* prepare pre-post evaluate for the trinaing.
* writing final report.

I worked on this training for 8 days days as a full time trainer.

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