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Create Peace through Leadership

The training activity took place
in Alsotold, Hungary
organised by Sabai Trainings
December 2018
Reference person

Marco Santos

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Aims & objectives

* Youth Exchanges' quality improvement (in the frame of E+) by providing space for YE group leaders to develop their competences, focusing on motivation and learning support.
* To promote and facilitate active approach to building appropriate models of motivation
* To achieve results and disseminate them (use gained experience in practice, in local organizations and in international projects)
* To raise understanding of the role in Youth Exchanges and knowledge on personal and professional development in youth work and other fields.
* To facilitate reflection on personal motivation to be a leader and self-evaluation.
* To build up creativity and communication skills, support inter-cultural exchange, foster mutual understanding between young people in different countries, which helps to increase quality of Youth Exchanges.
* To work on the key competences for active participation among youngsters.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The training course “Create peace through leadership” was held in Alsotold,Hungary and gathered 26 participants from Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Austria, Greece, Denmark, Hungary, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Training methods used & main activities

We had primary work done with the trainers with whom we have created the detailed programme of the training course according
to this idea. The programme was specially aimed at achieving the aim and getting the necessary result. During the project various
methods, were actively used. Most of the methods used were non-formal learning methods. Finding appropriate methods of
motivation can be a good step for future Youth Exchanges and other activities which support non- formal learning. Also, participants were offered to evaluate gained competences and fill in the YouthPass.

Outcomes of the activity

For instance they will make small press releases and publish them on own blogs,
websites, social media sites. Every partner will be asked to create small articles in their mother languages and share on their profiles and
in the local press.
Facebook group will be the participants to use their newly gained experience (knowledge, skills) and apply for follow-up projects, especially
youth exchanges that will be of a better quality both in terms of coordination and methodology.
After the training course there will be one workshop to be organized as a disseminating process for each group leader to demonstrate gained knowledge. Sabai and the partner NGO will publish those results as well. There were intangible results of the project-participan learning competences based on Youthpass. The tangible visible result of using appropriate models of motivating youth can be seen in next Youth Exchanges. Since participants gained new skills and created bonds with one another one new
applications for Erasmus+ projects were created.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible for the mindfulness part in the project-creating content, delivering workshops, facilitating the reflections as part of the trainer team.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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