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Contact Making Seminar Action 3 Networking Projects “Art & culture towards Europe”

The training activity took place
in Rome
organised by Salto youth initiatives in cooperation with Italian National Agency of Youth programme
1-6 February 2005

Aims & objectives

To promote and develop Networking projects on art and culture as a tool to raise awareness of young people on European and social issues among former Youth Initiatives. Starting from Group initiatives project and from experience in sensitising your local community, friends, environment on European and social issues (racism and xenophobia, social and cultural exclusion, intercultural dialogue, development of creative skills), the seminar focused on:
➢ Project presentation: presentation of implemented group initiative projects, share experiences and examples of good practices.
➢ Contact-making: to provide a possibility for participants to get to know each other / organizations in order to find possible partners for future projects.
➢ Networking projects: to inform about the idea of what a networking is (especially within the frame of Action 3 of YOUTH Programme); to give space and tools to discuss / plan networking projects.
➢ YOUTH Programme: to provide participants with information about YOUTH Programme with focus on Action 3 (step-by-step approach

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

25 participants (youth workers and leaders) from 13 different EU countries who have carried out or were about to complete a Group Initiative on art and culture with an active interest in developing a Networking Project on art and culture with European partners.

Composition of the team:
- Clement Dupuis, France
- Saro Rossi, Italy
- Henar Conde, Salto Youth Initiatives

Training methods used & main activities

The seminar was based on few inputs on project management, international co-operation and mainly on simulation activities to develop real trasnational youth initiatives projects

Outcomes of the activity

The Cms produce several trasnational youth initiatives project ideas with the active involvement of most of participants

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the team members responsible of sessions about intercultural learning, project management, comunication in international partnership

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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