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Competences Factory: Social Entrepreneurship for Young People

The training activity took place
in Porto
organised by Proacting Associação
Reference person

Sara Mota

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Aims & objectives

The training aims to create an impact among Youth Workers and, consequently, on young people.
Defined the aims:
- Promote the personal, social, and professional development of youth workers, especially to improve the work that is done with young people, through cooperation and co-learning activities;
- Work on methodologies to develop lifelong learning key
competences and entrepreneurial thoughts and attitudes, so that Youth Workers can apply them among young people.
- Empowering YWs with competences, experiences, practices, tools, and inclusive and participative approaches to work with young people towards social inclusion, entrepreneurship, employability, etc. in order to be appealing to their participation.
-Promote direct and strengthened work with young people, including those with fewer opportunities, for their social and professional integration.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants Profile
- Age 18+;
- Active in youth work;
- With fewer oportunities;
- With knowledge regarding:
Erasmus+ program
European priorities and strategies
Non formal education methodology.

- Capable of:
Intervention and involvement of young people in the
capacity building process;
Future implementation and/or results transfer;

Participants from: Netherlands, Greece, Slovakia, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia

Training methods used & main activities

The training was based on non formal methodology. Activities emphasising participants participation, group work, self reflection and personal learning were designed and implemented throughout the trainng course. Active participation and interaction were the core of the facilitation proccess. Co-responsibility and initative were encouraged.
There was an extensive enagagement with the ETS Competence Model for Yourhworksers, which was the base of the competences presented, used, analysed.

Outcomes of the activity

The trianing achieved the professional development of the YWs, so that the response to European needs and strategy is efficient and effective, innovative.
Emphasyis was given to the recognition and incorporation of European experiences, methodologies and strategies in youth work;
Through international interaction, development of knowledge and experience and for capacity building of the YWs.

Specific cooperation declaration of activities to be implemented were persented. International cooperation was achieved. Participants also extensively reffered to personal development through out the training emphasising the learning process and self introspection on learning.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the sole trainer of the training. I took responsibility of the following elements:
• Concept/idea/proposal
• Preparation of activities
• Final reporting respnsible for the training flow and timetable.
• Online Meetings for preparation
• Creating list of materials
• Implementation Process
• Fully committed to hours of training process
• Dealing with learning training process
• Documenting training moments
• Preparing training room and needs
• Taking care of materials
• Preparing visuals and materials for the participnats
• Taking care of needs of participants
• Cooperating and coordinating with the support staff for the benefit and quality of implementation of the project
• Closing cycle
• Final reporting

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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