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CityBound Lab

The training activity took place
in Nuremberg, Germany
organised by Fahrten-Ferne-Abenteuer
13-18 May 2015

Aims & objectives

The aim was to develop a common toolbox for the CityBound youth exchanges. This toolbox is to help the youth leaders to implement and evaluate professional and senseful CityBound- and Adventure Based learning activities with the youngsters. Besides the methodology (CityBound and Adventure Based Learning) in general, we were focusing also on a set of activities concerning the topic of intercultural learning, diversity and language adventure.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth leaders 18+ from Czech Rep., Greece, Germany, Poland, Italy, Romania and Spain.

Training methods used & main activities

The TC consisted of theoretical input, as well as practical excercises on mapping out the methodology of Adventure-Based Learning, designing activities for young people in defined spheres of City Bound Europe Network`s interest (intercultural learning, diversity, inclusion, personal and social challenges as well as language adventure) and developing creativity and sense of innovation among participants.

Outcomes of the activity

Toolbox of activities for every stage of group development and specified topics to be used by youth leaders during City Bound youth exchanges within the network of City Bound Europe.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Author and full-time Trainer for this meeting. Topics covered:
- methodology of non-formal education;
- boundaries of adventure-based learning;
- CityBound Europe history - evolution and development;
- project management in relation to group development phases;
- workshop od tools development;
- evaluation and dissemination of results.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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