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"Captivating Europe" Training Course

The training activity took place
in Berlin, Germany
organised by OneEurope
16-24 April 2016
Reference person

Hanna Starchyk

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Aims & objectives

Objectives of the projects were to:
-provide an educational forum in which participants can discuss and work on ongoing projects in the field of pro-European communication
-Assess existing shortcomings in pro-European communication
-identify the needs of young people and requirements for creating a common European
-make participants aware of national differences and similarities regarding the
discourse on a unified Europe
-develop and share tools and strategies to better communicate pro-European ideas and
-equip participants with communicational and substantial skills and knowledge, to be
deployed in their respective organizations and in specific projects
-promote and encourage the active use of programmes like Erasmus+ as a support tool
for the promotion of active citizenship, pan-European debate and a common European identity.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The team was composed by three representatives of the host German organization OneEurope and two international trainers.

Training methods used & main activities

During the Traning Course "Captivating Europe" only Non Formal Educational activities took place, such as debates, group discussions/worshops, outdoor activities and informal tasks to be fullfilled based on country realities, as best examples.

Outcomes of the activity

The training was very active and challenging, as there were a big diversity between new comers and senior youth workers, but that combination made the project successful and impactive, as many could learn and exchange among different circles and groups!

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the two trainers and most of my tasks were related to conduct activities and workshops on Human Rights, active citizenship and youth participation.

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

Miss Nelli Gishyan was engaged as a trainer for the full length of the activity April 16-24 April 2016. The knowledge and expertise of Miss Gishyan were crucial for the success of the training and for reaching its objectives.

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