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C4C - Communication for Cooperation

The training activity took place
in Lisbon, Portugal
organised by HA MOMENT
8th -13th October 2017
Reference person

Olga Kuczynska

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Aims & objectives

Base of this training is the work
for the development of the communication and cooperation competences for the benefits
of your work.Working in different groups and being productive at the same time is not an easy task as
we all know. We all have different social skills gain during socialisation process in different
backgrounds. We believe you can improve your skills by working on them. In this training
we want to focus on improving communication skills by learning and getting awareness
about behaviours in groups, conflicts in groups, assertive communication and non-violent
communication. All of this work would be for the benefit of the improvement of the
1. Development of the communication and cooperation competences in groups
2. Raise of the competences of youth workers in the field of communication
3. Exchange of good practices in communication among different organisations and
4. To increase the level of knowledge and experience of youth workers in specific
methods of communication, like non-violent communication, assertive communication,
group communication and others.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

10 Partners from: Portugal, Italy, Spain, Greece, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Chek Republic,

Training methods used & main activities

Weworked with non formal methods: work in small groups, simulation games, selfdirected
learning, learning by doing it, presentations, World Café and others.

Outcomes of the activity

Handbook: in course of publication on Salto website

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Full time with my co-trainer Olga Kuczynska.

I took care of sessions on Transactional Analysis, debriefing, feedback and evaluation.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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