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bePROUD 2009 - Trainshop on Leadership

The training activity took place
in Lodz, Poland
organised by BEST Lodz

Aims & objectives

1. Be aware of process of communication and be able to effectively use it
2. Be aware of leadership styles and be able to apply them
3. Leading effective meetings
4. Be able to make decisions and justify them
5. Be aware of the need to form and develop members as leaders
6. Be able to identify, embody and transmit the values of the organization
7. Understand the importance of constructive feedback, be able to give & receive it
8. Be aware of themselves and their needs
9. Be aware what knowledge management is
10. Learn and practice the process of managing teams and projects

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

20 participants members 20 local BEST groups, from 17 countries, 10 females/10 males.

Training methods used & main activities

Training, Role play, Simulations, Games, Training Exercises, Personal coaching.
Training topics:
- Presentations
- Self assessements
- Learning exercises
- Teambuild games
- Role playing
- Simulation
- Case studies
- Daily evaluations
- Sharing sessions
- Reflection time
- Discussion groups
- Group activities

Outcomes of the activity

- Training handouts provided
- 13 participants are now leading their local groups as President
- Training report which supported the development of the next edition

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- I was present as Trainer
- I was responsible of the "Leadership and Motivation", "Team Management" and "Project Management Rally" sessions.
- Within the team I was the resources provider.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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