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Be Aware, Take Care

The training activity took place
in Karabük, Turkey
organised by Conscious Youth
7 - 14 June 2015
Reference person

İlyas Ayyıldız

(Organiser )
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Aims & objectives

34 million people have HIV virus all over the world. While 2 million people die from AIDS every year. Every year 2,7 million people catch HIV. 430.000 of these people are children and 910.000 of these people are young people. 40% of the people who have HIV are not aware that they are carrying it. About 2,2 million Europeans have this virus. But 1/3 of these people aren’t aware of it.
Nowadays, more than 2 million young people, who are between 10-19 years old have HIV. While there has been 30% decrease about the death which are related to AIDS from 2005 to 2012 all over the world, there has been 50% increase with the 10-19 year-old young people. Young people have the difficulty about sharing this problem with the others. These young people are under the high risk. They have some fears like being discriminated from the society and from others, so that they don't want to be tested or they don't take any precautions or medications.
The general aim of our project is to make awareness on HIV/AIDS among the young people, give information how to protect young people against having HIV and deal with the young people who have HIV+.
The objectives as follows:
1- To produce new youth projects about raising awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young people.
2- To teach the young people how HIV contaminates.
3- To make awareness among the young people and youth workers about how to protect themselves.
4- To produce common strategies with the institution which works for young people about how to cope with HIV/AIDS.
5- To remove the necessary barriers to recognize this illness for the young people who are under the risk.
6- To make awareness towards different cultures amoung the participants.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

There were 34 participants from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Latvia and Turkey.

Training methods used & main activities

The methods I used as follows: Name games, team building games, icebreakers, brainstorming on prejudices about HIV, survey about their knowledge about HIV/AIDS, films about the facts of HIV/AIDS from how it is transmitted to dealing with living with HIV, country presentations (group works) on the facts about HIV/AIDS in their country, case study on the people who have HIV and role plays and discussions about their lives with their boy/girl friend, husband/wife, family, colleagues and society, excursion to the clinic which works on public health to get information about their activities for prevention getting HIV, self-reflection, group works on raising awareness campaigns, project designing simulations.

Outcomes of the activity

The participants created films on raising awareness on HIV/AIDS and they generated youth exchanges and training courses for the young people how to prevent themselves from having HIV.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the trainer and the facilitators for the full 5 days in the training course.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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