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Baltic Youth Media Camp

The training activity took place
in Educational Centre Haus Rothfos, Mözen, Germany
organised by Baltic Youth Office

Aims & objectives

The Baltic Sea Youth Media Camp invited young people from the Baltic Sea Region to come to Germany and spend 10 exciting and interesting days with media.

In cooperation with the "Offene Kanal Schleswig-Holstein", which is the Citizens media station in Germany we organized the Baltic Sea Youth Media Camp for the 12th time. The participants worked in workgroups with video, audio or multimedia. There were several trips to Kiel, Rostock and Hamburg planned. We visited Radio stations, television stations and the Open Channel Schleswig-Holstein. During the whole camp each group produced TV- reports, radio posts and other cool stuff with media you can imagine. In addition, there were presentations from each country as well as recreational activities such as swimming, grilling, table tennis etc. We wanted to give young people the chance of an intercultural exchange and working with media at the same time.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants were of the age of 16 up to 24 and came from countries around the Baltic Sea, such as Finland, Poland, the Russian Federation and Germany.
The team were 3 trainers plus 1 main organizer.

Training methods used & main activities

Group work and group discussion
several self reflective exercises
outdoor acitivities

Outcomes of the activity

- got a better understanding of how media work
- made a lot of international contacts

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

organisation, implementation and evaluation of the whole exchange as well as all administrative issues

I worked on this training for 10 days as a full time trainer.

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