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Awareness! – Mindful Leadership course for youth workers

The training activity took place
in Alicante, Spain
organised by USIT

Aims & objectives

The aim of the training course is to allow youth workers/leaders to learn about the importance and usage of mindfulness to enhance their leadership and self-development skills in the work with young people.
We will focus on self-awareness, concentration and self-consciousness by practicing various mindfulness and leadership methods. It is well known, that it is to start from one’s self first to be aware before being able to guide and help others.
Youth workers are facing plenty of stressful and difficult situations by working with marginalized communities, people with fewer opportunities for various reasons or with migrants facing exclusion. In order to be able to help their integration and wellbeing, youth leaders shall be well set with their own selves and aware of their own actions/reactions and attitude. By knowing themselves more through theoretical and practical experiential learning based and non-formal educational methods in leadership and mindfulness, they shall be more aligned with their own body and mind while being more aware of the necessity of being self-confident and self-conscious. In a healthy body lies a healthy mind. Anxiety and stress are our accelerated world’s by products on people, that can be successfully handled by slowing down and concentrate more on what really matters and are important.
Our training course is designed to help youth workers to align their body, mind through theory and practical activities and workshops to develop their leadership style and learn about mindful practices. By teaching them mindful leadership methods, the importance of awareness and concentration they will become better leaders and be able to inspire and empower others with the gained tools.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The countries involved in the project were: Spain, Croatia, Czech republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Uk.

2 participants per each country.
Profile: youth workers, teachers, educators, +22 Years old

Training methods used & main activities

Experiential Learning
NLP coaching
Communication skills development
Personal reflections
Group reflections
Good practice sharing

Outcomes of the activity

As a result of the training course participant youth workers:
• became more self-aware and self-confident
• learned to focus, concentrate and calm themselves and others in highly stressful and anxious situations
• learned to be good leaders and inspire others in a conscious way
• learned about Mindful Leadership principles, methodologies and techniques to be used as tools in NFE setup and youth work
• learned to implement Mindful Leadership methods and reduce stress at personal and professional level too
• understood themselves and others better

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Project writer and trainer

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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