Understanding of body language in different cultures

This project aims; * understand body language signs in different cultures, * Reduce communication accidents caused by body language,

Although societies are modernized and developed, preconceptions and communication accidents
can not be solved. In most communication accidents, there is no doubt that the language of the body
is misinterpreted. Those who can understand intercultural body language communicate faster and
more positively. Thanks to the project, our participants can learn the body language and meaning of
different cultures and eliminate communication accidents and established prejudices. Now that
communication with everyone is established thanks to the internet and tourism, borders are only on
maps.However, the desired positive communication could not be established.So we have to start
solving the problem by learning different body language and meanings. At the association meetings,
we decided to make a project with the content of cultural studies in order to interpret the body
language correctly and to prevent communication accidents. When choosing our partners, we paid
attention to their sensitivity and experience of the Project.We claimed our partners to come to the
organization with the preparations for the body language examples in their countries for the
project.Participants throughout the organization will do body language visual dictionary work.
Participants will also perform cultural activities on a daily basis.By the common decision, the Project
organization will perform in Ankara.Because It has different cultures and cosmopolitanism.In the
project works, every country belongs to the body language of its own country, news, cartoon, cinema,
photos, instagram etc. will share their pictures on their platform.Daily body language activities will be
performed.Street observations on body language will be held in Ankara.Methods are written time
table.The meanings of different body language symbols will be spoken.8 days will be spent in
different culture and communication.
At the end of Project, We will have;
~recognized different cultures&different people.
~progressed our foreign language.
~learned the meanings of gesture, mimic and other body language messages in different cultures and
will have prevented the misunderstandings that arise from them.
~added institutions and the added value of Europe to my country.
~increased our Community experience and EU project experience.
~opened our culture to the world and we will have transferred different cultural values to our country
~introduced Ankara.
~gained an electronic book that contains body language visuals and meanings and shared on the
In order to achieve the project goals, we have planned the project progress;
•By the common decision, the Project organization will perform in Ankara.Because It has different
cultures&cosmopolitanism. Ankara gives more meaningful observation about the project.
•Different cultural events will be organized every day in the project organization.
•Project activities will be disseminated through the visual dictionary electronic booklet, web&social
•The 1st main activity to be organized with the participation of each country for 8 days, excluding the
travel, will be the presentation samples of body language and communication style in different
cultures. 2nd main activity will be to prevent communication accidents arising from body language of
different cultures.
Shortly, Project activities are;
1st day)Literature on culture, communication and body language will be mentioned. Partners will
share the results of research done in their own culture.
2)Partners will describe the body language samples and their meanings in their own culture. Partners
will play silent cinema and broadcast on Youtube.
3)Participants will share their body language examples and influences in their photos and other cultural Works.
4)The body language behaviors of the people in the districts of Ankara will be observed and the
notes will be taken and shared with the participants.
5)It will be talked about what is meant by the emotional expressions shared on the internet.
6.In Turkey weddings, funerals, etc. body language samples and meanings presented in the
ceremonial clothes -on the style&color of the clothes- will be observed and interpreted in different
parts of Ankara.
7)Participants will make a body language visual dictionary.
8) Satisfaction questionnary will be implemented for participants.Evaluation and final sharing.
From the beginning of the project, each contact person will keep in touch continuously with other
partners’ contact person via internet. The concept of the project’s flow, the responsibilities and tasks
of partners, the ways of project dissemination have planned continuously sharing ideas with partner
countries. Each partner country will give application form to members who wants to attend. In this
form; there will be past experiences of projects, CV of themselves, personal information, awards,
certificates and ,if they have, special needs. The candidates will be selected considering gender
equality. 6 participants will attend from partners.

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