The workshops include painting, music, dance, sculpture, dance, psychodrama, grafitti, taking photographs with refugee children.

Young people in Genç AKUT live in the area of Sığacık/ İzmir/Turkey. Sığacık is the transition point for the refugees trying to escape by sea. The town is also one hour away from the refugee camp in Çiğli. Our Project aim is to “RELIEVE THE PSYCHOLOGICAL PAINS OF THE REFUGEE CHILDREN THROUGH ART ACTIVITIES”. So we planned some activities to do with the children in the refugee camp. The activities include the workshops of painting, music, dance, sculpture making, dancing, psychodrama, grafitti, writing poems, taking photographs. This Project named “READY, STEADY, GO” is a youth Exchange of eight days. The Youth Exchange will take place the dates between 30th of June and seventh of July, 2016. Three days of the Project, we will organize workshops in the refugee camp with the refugee children. The camp is one hour away from the accommodation place. We will arrive at the camp at noon and return our accommodation place in the evening. The other days, we will be in the accommodation place all day in Sığacık, a coastal town where we will get prepared and dissemination activities for the workshops. We expect the participants age range to be between 15- 17. Advance planning visit will take place on 21st- 22th of May, 2016. We need three countries as partner organisations. We are planning to apply the Project on the 2nd of February, that is why we have very limited time to find partners.

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Contact person: VAHDİSARİKAYA


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