Genç AKUT creates and participates in the projects engaged in the social issues related to the environment, immigrants, animals, problems of young people, the old etc. Genç AKUT also gets training about first aid, search and rescue operations and provides children and young people with training about the natural disasters. Genç AKUT has an organic connection with AKUT (Search and Rescue Association) and acts together in many areas. Genç AKUT volunteers in AKUT activities.

Past projects


The workshops include painting, music, dance, sculpture, dance, psychodrama, grafitti, taking photographs with refugee children.

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Contact person: Vahdi Sarıkaya


Phone: 05533726134

Genç AKUT is

a Informal Group of Young People
based in Turkey (Seferihisar)
  • Turkey Seferihisar
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
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Genç AKUT is an informal group of young people in Seferihisar. Genç AKUT creates projects with the mission of social responsibility and active citizenship

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