Meeting Of Peer Mediation Practices

Meeting Of Peer Mediation Practices

Hi all. We started using peer mediation training program to resolve student conflicts in our school. This program puts aside classical discipline methods and allows students to gain skills to solve their disagreements. With this program we started a pilot application with students at the 7th grade level aged between12-13. With this practice, we gave our mediation students skill training and started to get results with their practice. During our research, we have seen that there are different peer mediation programs around the world. We want to see peer mediation programs based on different academic bases and implemented in different countries and cultures and share our own practices. We believe that this process will strengthen the practice of all the participants who are partners. In this process, we want schools willing to work with us to communicate.

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Meeting Of Peer Mediation Practices is a project by
Meryem-Mehmet Kayhan Ortaokulu
taking place
from 2018-09-15 till 2019-09-15
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