Let's build bridges! Together we can!

10 months stages, activities are done with and for vulnerable groups(children,refugees),with the objective to make people aware of and fight discrimination.

Project Let's Build Bridges! Together we can!

LOCATION: Baia Mare, jud. Maramures, Romania

The city is situated in the Baia Mare valley and is encircled on all sides by hills and mountains, which makes the climate in the city milder than the rest of the surrounding area.
Maramures County is famous for its outstanding landscapes, and the mountains are easily accessible from the city. Baia Mare is the capital of Maramureș County. The city is situated about 600 kilometres (373 miles) from Bucharest, 70 km (43 mi) from the border with Hungary, and 50 km (31 mi) from the border with Ukraine.
Population: 123,738

In the over 20 years of activities with disadvantaged people, the Foundation of Volunteers Somaschi found a high degree of racism and discrimination at the level of the Baia Mare community and the surroundings towards the roma communities and towards refugees / asylum seekers. Starting from the idea that rejection is caused by the fear that comes from negative experiences, lack of knowledge, from prejudices and stereotypes inherited or acquired, we thought that creating knowledge and positive experiences will lead to a greater openness of the Baia Mare population towards these categories.

Short-term objectives of the project are:
*improving skills and acquiring new abilities by the 5 ESC volunteers participating in project activities during the 10 months of mobility,
*sensibilization and raising awareness of young people from Baia Mare on the importance of combating prejudgments and stereotypes through activities carried out by ESC volunteers in the Baia Mare community during 10 months of mobility,
*facilitate the social integration of marginalized young people by participating in project activities.
Activities of the project:
1. Preparation
2. Esc stage
2.1 Arrival and accommodation of participants
2.2 Volunteer training and preparation of the implementation of the activities
2.3 Campaign in Baia Mare High Schools to raise awareness among young people that stereotypes and prejudgments are learned behaviors that lead to discrimination - Volunteers will gather and present information in written form (egg.: power point, flyers) or verbal, they will have dialogue with students.
2.4 Applying quizzes on the theme of racism, the forms that it can dress and how it can be combated. The activity will take place for one month, with weekly frequency, and will be organized in partnership with 4 locations frequented by young people. Volunteers will gather information; will prepare the questions and they will be the “host” of the event.
2.5 Competition - Draw for tolerance, followed by exhibition and presentation of the message of the works. Participants will be able to work individually or in groups and the works can be drawing, graphics, painting or any other type of technique. Volunteers will look for elementary information about drawing techniques, will pass on information to other participants, they will draw designs, they will organize the exhibition of the works.
2.6 Forum Theater on Racism. The story to be staged will be prepared by volunteers, roma People, asylum seekers/refugees together with an actor from Baia Mare Municipal Theater. Volunteers will prepare and will be protagonists alongside the other participants we mentioned.
2.7 The final film "Let's fight racism" realized by volunteers at the end of the ESC experience will be the instrument by which the message of the project - the fight against racism and the promotion of tolerance will be transmitted.
2.8 Intercultural Evenings- Each volunteer will prepare an intercultural evening in which he will present the culture of the country, its region of origin, gastronomic products, customs, etc.
2.9 Common Activities - Educational activities and social animation with children and young people from Somaschi Foundation beneficiaries: Foster house, Day Care Center, Kindergarden for children from Roma community from Pirita, Socio-educational animation in Roma communities in Baia Mare and neighboring rural areas, Literacy with children from Roma communities in Baia Mare, Night shelter for children and young homeless.
We mention that these activities are not meant to keep the place and role of the employee educator program, but are meant to provide added value to the foundation's services and to complement the work done by employees. At the literacy program and at the night shelter, volunteers will give a helping hand in their regular program. At the other activities, volunteers will be the ones who will choose the activities, prepare, implement and evaluate them.
2.10 Dissemination workshop - Participants will launch the promotional film and will tell to their audience about their volunteering experience.
2.11 Mentoring
2.12 Evaluation
2.13 Visibility and dissemination
2.14 Other activities proposed and implemented by volunteers in the Foundation structures Participants profile We have set an orientation profile and some selection criteria for volunteers who will be interested in our volunteer offer.
Accommodation: In apartment well furbished with everything, 2 people of same gender in room, situated in the center of town.
The project covers the costs for food, pocket money, accommodation, transport and activities, in accordance with the ESC program.
Date for beginning of the stage:
July/August 2020

Volunteers from Turkey are already selected!

If you are interested and for any other details, you can contact us on email: somaschiproiecte@gmail.com Thank you for your interest!

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We're looking for:
3 more partners
from Austria, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Belgium - DE, Belgium - FL, Belgium - FR
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Contact person: bogdan ilutiu


Phone: 0040770513559

Project overview

Let's build bridges! Together we can! is a project by
Fundatia de Voluntari Somaschi
taking place
from 2019-09-01 till 2021-08-31
This project relates to:
Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles
2 volunteers with fewer opportunities. Depending on the situation and the type of obstacle / category of fewer opportunities, some measures that we will implement are: - personalized activity plan including more frequent meetings with the mentor, with the coordinator, with specialized staff from the foundation (if applicable), to help him overcome obstacles related to communication, personal development, overcoming conflict situations, problem solving relationship and organization / implementation of activities -allocation of a person (from the support persons or from the staff / volunteers of the foundation) to especially involved the participant since his selection and give him support and guidance in activities and at a technical level - support in the implementation of activities - including through more extensive training (on topics related to organization of activities, money management, organization of free time and activities at home, relationship management, conflict management) -higher frequency of Romanian language classes and / or individual language support

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