ITskills for youth

"ITskills for youth" is a strategic project that encourages young people to use and develop their IT skills and become small entrepreneurs

This project aims to contribute to increasing the number of start-ups that young people develop in the online environment. Through the activities undertaken we want our young people to acquire skills and competencies required in today's society, and more importantly, we want them to make using online environment in a beneficial tool for developing business. through the site which we will develop throughout the project, we want to provide support to all young people who want to start business or wanting to use the Internet effectively. The project will be developed and implemented by youngsters, our role (of organizations’ members) will be to guide and help them get the results they want.
Together with our partners we want to implement a successful project, which have great results and have a positive influence on young people and the local community.

What we look for in a partner:
- previous experience in working with youngsters
- previous involvment in related projects
- WILLINGNESS and INVOLVMENT in the projects’ activities
- access to 10 youngsters that have the time and compentences to be involved in a strategic project
- possibility to partener with local media channels
- possibility to partner with local middle schools and high schools
- members with competences in: communication, IT, filming, video editing, non formal education, creativity

How can you become our partner:
- send us information about:
-> the activity of your organization;
-> your experience in regard with project theme;
-> the experience the members of your organization have;
-> types of projects youngsters from your local community have been involved in;
- motivate the need your local community for the project
- tell us what you can bring to the project
- show as you are willing to be involved in the development of the project

Fill in the attached questionnaire and send it back to us!

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Project overview

ITskills for youth is a project by
SCOUT Society
taking place
from 2017-07-15 till 2019-07-15
This project relates to:
Strategic Partnerships
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • European citizenship
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Non-formal learning
  • Unemployment/employability
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles
Each partner will be responsible in selecting their participants.

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