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-This is not an Erasmus+ Project. -Project is funded by owner-company. -We need partners to send us intern candidates.

American Time Language School is a franchising company on the field of language education and there are more than 20 schools in more than 25 different regions and cities in Düzce.
As a repsentative of American Time Language Schools company, Düzce American Time Language School, located in Düzce, north-west of Turkey, has actively been working in this sector with its 20 employees and more than 1000 students.

The headquarters of DATLS is in the center of Düzce which is 220 km distance from both İstanbul and Ankara. The city is on the north-west coast of Turkey, which provides the city with a direct link to Black Sea.
Company headquarters is a smart building, full of technological equipment and is rougly 1000m2. It has 14 classes, 1 exam hall, 1 conferance hall, 1 VIP class, 1 cafeteria, 1 meeting room, 2 terraces and 1 dormitory room which offers to its staff and students a perfect environment for their works & studies.

Unlike any other language schools, DATLS has recently been working on creating an organisation under its own shelter a Youth Organisation called “Organisation Time”. The main idea of this organisation is to foster self-development for its own members. By planning to use various non-formal education methods during the planned schedule, Organisation Time will not only offer self-development but also a range of free time activities to youngsters, e.g. university students etc.

We need youthworkers, leaders, trainers and facilitators to run our workshops at the weekend and work on international relations of the organisation for international youthexchanges, further project partnerships etc.
These applicants should be at least B1 level of English speakers (any other extra language will be a reason of selection), should have experiences regarding youth works and on-site training. Applicants will also be required to have basic knowledge about Erasmus + program and Organisational Management.

Internship Program will be fully funded by the company which means the selected applicants will be provided with transportation, accomodation, maintenance and food. Apart from that, the company will offer a salary based on the work to be done. This salary will be enough to cover participants’ expenses of self-requirements, food, local travels and social life etc. Moreover, participants will have a 40 hour-A1 Turkish language course in three months. Also, during the project, participants will attend to a program about Erasmus + and Organisational Management which will help them create their own youth projects, create and run their own organisations in the future. At the end of the program, participants will receive a participation certificate and a reference letter which may be useful for their professional background.

There are various workshops to be done by the intern during the project and some events to prepare for student meetings.

Speaking Club
Movie Club
Erasmus + Seminar
Cv & Motivation Letter
Local School Visits

Cultural Night
Quiz Show
Arcade Night
Game Session

Intern will share a house with a foreign teacher, of which the expenses such as rent, electricity, water services, natural gas etc. will be covered by the company.

Maximum of 300 euros of transportation costs for each participant will be reimbursed by the company depending upon submitting travel documents, tickets, boarding passes etc. (Round-trip)
Maximum of 50 euros of visa costs will also be reimbursed by %100 by submission of the visa documents.

For more information, download the project info-pack!

To apply, fully fill the application form, enclose it with your CV & Motivation Letter and send to


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Contact person: Hakan Yunus Şahin


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