Innovation for Trainers

Training course: educating trainers, educators, teachers, and professors in innovating different methods for teaching

Traditional ways of teaching and learning are not providing youth anymore with the proper skills and competences required by the labor market and society’s development. Old and ineffective teaching practices should thus be replaced by innovative learning techniques that put the youth in the middle of their learning process. Experiential learning is adding an essential ingredient to youth education and that is self-reflection about the things we are experiencing daily both in school and outside of it.
Today’s labor market has become more and more demanding. Competition between candidates is acerbic and insists on specific skills and competencies. This only shows the undeniable benefits and added value that non-formal activities can bring to the personal and professional development of the youth.
The Trainers of the future focuses on capacity building for active trainers based in Europe in creating effective and high impact programs that utilize the 7 intelligences. The training will focus on educating trainers, educators, teachers, and professors in innovating different methods for teaching. After the training, participants will pursue this ideology in their immediate area of influence such as schools and educational institutions in creating new programs that will help educators to recognize the specific needs of their students.

This 6-day upgrading program covers the Multi-Dimensional Learning (MDL) technology studies and Structured Learning Experience (SLE) as a unique, breakthrough methodology for training adults. It will unleash the creativity of the participants and guide them to design original MDL sessions and SLEs or Business and Development Games.
• Access into their seven intelligences and discover their uniqueness as individuals as well as their hidden potential.
• Design creative, innovative learning sessions incorporating the seven intelligences as identify by Dr. Howard Gardner.
• Analyze the conceptual and philosophical foundation of training and development of people.
• Discuss the application of the three basic principles of MDL in achieving accelerated learning of trainees.
• Sharpen their skills in processing of experiential exercises.
• Facilitate new SLEs that can be used in CEFE programs as substitute to those found in the CEFE manual.
• Design and adapt SLEs according to specific needs in the field.
• Design experiential games that are focused on a specific environment, based on community needs.
• Build networks and foundations for future projects.

Activity dates: 11 June 2020 – 16 June 2020 Timisoara, Romania

Partners countries: 8 partners + host organization (Romania)
Each partner will send 3 participants.
Participants should be aged 20 or above. There is no maximum age limit.
The training course will also include time for participants to learn about each other’s work and to develop ideas for new projects based on shared interests.

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Project overview

Innovation for Trainers is a project by
Center of Strategies for Youth Development
taking place
from 2020-01-01 till 2020-11-30
This project relates to:
Training and Networking
and is focusing on:
  • Innovation
  • Non-formal learning

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