Historical Discovery from Nemrut to Nemrut

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The main goal of our Project is to increase the interest in Historical sights and textures of our region. To give Historical consciousness to young people participating in the activities which will be organized within the context of the Project. The main theme of the Project is ‘’ touch with your soul’’. With this context, we will work to create awareness of both history and environment among young people. Our region was the space of different faiths in past. Today, it is aimed that it will serve to the same purpose and to create a cultural and religious synthesis through this Project. Locations where the Project will take place; Adıyaman (Nemrut Mountain), Diyarbakır (Silvan, Hasuni Caves), Batman (Hasankeyf), Bitlis (Ahlat and Nemrut Crater Lake). It is a six-day, roving Project. We will not only acquire knowledge and materials in Historical places but also will organize cultural workshops in provinces included in the Programme. Following these activities, publicity stand and presentations will be provided by obtained materials and photographs. Our Project is included in the action 1.1 and a multilateral. 6 participants from each country will participate in the formation emerged with the participation of 3 countries.

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Contact person: HANIFI OZCELIK


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Project overview

Historical Discovery from Nemrut to Nemrut is a project by
Social Promoters Group
taking place
from 2012-06-15 till 2012-06-22
This project relates to:
Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)

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