Green Tales of Samothrace - Developing active citizenship through the awareness of Intangible and Natural Heritage

Youth exchange on Samothrace island in Greece, using storytelling and tales to raise awareness and educate about the environment and responsible citizenship.

This youth exchange is built on the basis of Action Art's solid expertise in the art of storytelling and also on the strong link it has created over the years with the island of Samothrace.

For centuries, tales, myths and legends have made it possible to save, preserve and pass on experience and knowledge from generation to generation, to remind mankind of its relationship with the environment and nature, to help it understand the world around it and to take up challenges. Our planet has evolved over time, developing a luxuriant nature, an extraordinary biodiversity. Over the years, we have distanced ourselves from nature, disrupting our relationship with her and the environment. The situation linked to COVID-19 has only made the situation worse. Confinement cuts us off from nature and societal interactions, particularly for people living in cities.

The socio-environmental challenges we are dangerously facing are the result of a disconnection with our environment, and the youth of Europe are ready, more than ever, to play an important role in writing a new narrative for a sustainable planet.
The development of active and civic participation addressing this issue, and a sensitive reconnection with the environment is absolutely necessary especially for young people, who represent future generations.

> THE YOUTH EXCHANGE (summer 2021 - can change considering the opencalls of 2021)
The art of storytelling and oral practices will be used through their playful and entertaining way of understanding contemporary social and environmental issues.
Young people will be able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the island, its traditional character in a rich cultural environment from antiquity to the present day, and in a natural environment of exceptional beauty, for an environmental, intercultural and educational experience. They will acquire awareness on the environment through the art of storytelling, narration and environment-related activities. Through active participation in non-formal educational activities, in nature, in waterfalls, in ancient towns and traditional villages in collaboration with local associations and groups, they will exchange information and experiences, they will also share stories, myths and legends related to their own intangible and natural heritage.

- To raise awareness of the concept and importance of the protection of the World Intangible Heritage, our Natural Heritage and the environment.
-To enable young people to use creative tools related to storytelling as a tool for expression and to raise awareness of societal and environmental issues.
-To develop an understanding of the value of tales, myths, legends, stories, the art of storytelling in our intercultural societies, and their importance in our daily lives.
-To enable young people from different cultures to learn in a non-formal way and to act in a collective and unified way for the environment within the European territory, while highlighting the differences and similarities between peoples.
- To develop responsible and active citizenship among young people and to raise awareness of a sustainable systemic approach.

This green and mountainous island, home to numerous waterfalls, forests with ancient trees and rich flora and fauna, is a haven of peace. Still "virgin" of mass tourism, Samothrace still faces multiple environmental challenges, linked to water management, animals on the island, or even the installation and operation of wind farms. The protection and preservation of a natural paradise and its evolution in relation to human activity and its management is also an important means of raising awareness.

Experience of the association on Samothrace:
- Organisation of the intercultural festival "May of Fairytales" for 9 years (social and intercultural awareness programmes through storytelling and arts).
- Organisation of the tribute "Days of Fairy Tales & Myths" for 5 years, in collaboration with the Municipality of Samothrace (tales while walking in the woods, near the waterfalls, in the village squares, at the archaeological site of the sanctuary of the great gods - storytelling workshops in the middle of nature for adults and children).
- Production of shows around the myths of the Great Gods, the Victory of Samothrace (the famous statue located in the Louvre) which bring to life the sacred character of the place still today. Shows and performances related to the tales and legends of the island and the wider region of the Balkan and Mediterranean peoples.

We are looking for 3 partners sending 6-7 young people and 1 youth leader.
Deadline: 20/01
Please carefully fill in the questionnaire below, and insert your PIF at the end.

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Contact person: Maelle Julou


Phone: +306946242872

Project overview

Green Tales of Samothrace - Developing active citizenship through the awareness of Intangible and Natural Heritage is a project by
Action Art
taking place
from 2021-04 till 2021-09
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Environment
  • European citizenship
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Non-formal learning

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