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Action Art is a non-profit civil organization, founded in 2009 in Thessaloniki by people with experience and knowledge in the field of the art of narration, of education, and in the development of voluntary work in social and cultural issues.
Social and economic changes and population movements, the need for peaceful coexistence in a multicultural society of different cultural communities, groups, individuals have contributed to the creation of the vision of Action Art: The dissemination and promotion of intangible world cultural heritage and cultural and artistic creation. Two determining factors for the maintenance of personal cultural identity, the acceptance of cultural diversity, integration and social cohesion, participation in public life and the creation of democratic intercultural societies.

Mission and objectives:
- Oral dissemination of the world's intangible heritage.
- Contribution to the promotion and restoration of the social, pedagogical and educational function of art, storytelling, myths, legends, tales.
- The democratization of art. Εncouraging young people to participate in cultural creation.
- Awareness of cultural diversity, volunteering, solidarity, active citizenship, the principles and values ​​of the European Union.
- Promotion of non-formal and informal learning, environmental and intercultural education through different art forms
- The development of actions for vulnerable groups (minorities, refugees, etc.) and social inclusion programs.
- The development of cooperation and synergies between associations, organizations, bodies and NGOs in Greece, Europe, the Mediterranean, the Balkans.

Main projects / activities:
Greece: - Planning and implementation of storytelling festivals which include, round tables, multilingual storytelling, shows, seminars, workshops, on the art of storytelling - Narrations and visual educational projects for children, youth, adults, vulnerable groups, in schools, museums, other organizations and NGOs - Training on the art of storytelling - Participation in festivals and actions of other organisations.

International: - Participation in festivals, conventions and symposia on multilingualism - Cooperation for multilingual narratives, workshops, performances, and conferences, organized by other organizations and networks from other countries. - Cooperation with foreign narrators in order to organize seminars, workshops trainings on the training of storytellers, within the framework of programs and actions aiming to propagate the world oral heritage, art and non-formal and informal learning - Cooperation with the “Ateliers de la rue Raisin” French NGO, the Company "De Capes et De Mots" Belgium NGO - Host organization for volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

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Action Art

Contact person: Maelle Julou


Phone: +306946242872

Action Art is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Greece (Thessaloniki)
  • Greece Thessaloniki
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Strategic Partnerships
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Action Art is an NGO in Thessaloniki dealing with non-formal education, the art of narration, creativity, and socio-cultural voluntary work.

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