Entrepreneurship,the solution against unemployment

This multilateral exchange project will promote discussion among the young participants and will have as main themes unemployment and entrepreneurship

Dear potential partners,
We, "Agros Youth Group" Organization (Cyprus NGO), will apply for the 1st of October call with a youth exchange project (Action 1.1).

Project details:
Action: 1.1 Youth Exchange
Project name: Entrepreneurship,the solution against unemployment
Theme: Entrepreneurship ideas for fighting youth unemployment and mobility
Location: Agros, Limassol (Cyprus)
Advance Planning Visit: 21-23 March 2014 (including travelling days)
Youth Exchange: 11-17 April 2014
Number of partners: 4 countries
Number of participants/country: 4 participants (18-25) + 1 team leader (with no age limit)

Financial conditions:
The costs for travel, accommodation and food for the APV will be covered 100%.
For the exchange we will cover 70% the costs for travel and 100% the costs for accommodation and
food. There is no participation fee.

Project Summary:
This will be a multilateral exchange project that will promote discussion among the young participants and will have as main themes unemployment, mobility, entrepreneurship and non-formal education, as derived from the priorities of Greece European Presidency of 2014 . The aim is to:
. Promote discussion and debate on European citizenship and what it represents.
. Develop creative and entrepreneurial spirit of young people.
. Promote cooperation among the youth for development.
. Develop skills and tools to enter the labor market.
. To publicize the reality of youth unemployment in Europe and how to fight it.
. Promote the importance of mobility as a personal dynamic.
Currently young Europeans go through great difficulties in entering the labor market, and there are about 5 million young people unemployed in Europe, one in four does not work, reaching more serious dimensions in Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus. 7 and a half million between 15 and 24 do not currently have jobs or are not following any kind of education or training.
It is crucial that these same young people can't gain access to the labor market, because the long-term unemployment is not facilitating the creation of successful careers. This project has laid its foundations in these purposes, acknowledging the importance of non-formal education, creativity and entrepreneurship as effective tools in youth employability and active citizenship.
Through discussions, debates and group activities intended to create and develop youth skills and abilities. The choice of Agros village, as a place to develop the project, is not a coincidence, since it's a small place quite far from the biggest cities of Cyprus so its difficult for people finding a job, which is also reflected in the region's youth. It is intended that the activities during those days have an impact on how these young people face unemployment in the region and develop, at a later stage, entrepreneurial ideas aimed at changing that aspect.

If you want to be our partner, please fill in the attached form and send it by e-mail
to mariosagathokleous@hotmail.com until 26th September 2013.

Hope to have you in our team!

Marios Agathokleous

Member of "Agros Youth Group"
14 Kyriakou Apeitou Street, 4860, Agros, Limassol, Cyprus
Mobile: +357 99120238, Email: mariosagathokleous@hotmail.com , Alternative e-mail: magathokleous@gmail.com

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Project overview

Entrepreneurship,the solution against unemployment is a project by
Agros Youth Club
taking place
from 2014-04-11 till 2014-04-17
This project relates to:
Action 1.1 (Youth Exchanges)
and is focusing on:
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Volunteering
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Educational difficulties
  • Geographical obstacles

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