Agros Youth Club

our organization called Agros youth group is one of the biggest and most active youth groups in Cyprus. The Youth Centres Programme is activated all over Europe in order to give young people a chance to get involved in healthy activities. Such activities may consist of social, sport, culture or even artistic character.

The Youth Centres focus in the active attendance of young people in the public matters and also in the occupation with issues that concern and interest them. This aims in decreasing the dangers of young people getting involved with antisocial activities.

The goals of our group are:

The progress and the well being of young people.
2. The practice and application of democratic procedures.
3. The participation and taking responsibility in the cultural and social development and progress of the Community.
4. The healthy entertainment and creativity of young people.
5. The development of sports.
6. The freedom and peace in our country.
7. The development of environmental conscience within young people.

The means in order to achieve the Youth Centers goals are the following:

(a) Providing suitable facilitations for social contacts, healthy and creative employment and entertainment.

(b) Organizing gatherings, discussions and lectures which aim in informing and in solving problems that concern young people.

(c) Creation of teams for the promotion of special interests for the members of the Center.

(d) Organizing excursions, artistic, cultural and athletic events.

(e) Undertaking of common activities and collaboration with other voluntary non profitable teams.


The Youth of Cyprus live in a free country that has creativity and social fairness. In this country the youngsters must have an upscale social role which will be achieved through their involvement in the decision making, in matters that concern them.

Our group is very activating as we provide all kind of information and promote different activities for young people, as well as special activities are organised throughout the summer. Also we make different competitions as football tournament, table games, cards games, painting and photograph exhibitions. Furthermore we organized walks in the nature, theatre presentations, music nights and different lectures,trainings and informational seminars for civil society, NGOs, xenophobia, drugs, volunteering and others. Many of our members were involved in European Youth Programs like Youth in Action, Leonardo, Grundvic and Erasmus.

Past projects


“SPACE FOR DIALOGUE” is a youth exchange on cultural diversity whose aim is to get together young people from various social, cultural and racial background

Entrepreneurship,the solution against unemployment

This multilateral exchange project will promote discussion among the young participants and will have as main themes unemployment and entrepreneurship

T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More)

T.E.A.M is a bilateral youth exchange on cultural diversity whose aim is to get together young people from various cultural background and promote dialoque.

Youth participation

The training course will focus on principles of youth participation and how youth workers can use different methods and tools to be more effective and confident


The youth exchange "ECO-volunteers" will focus on environmental protection and raising awareness about sustainable development through voluntary action

N.E.O (New Employment Opportunities)

Training Course is about using creative methods and art for promoting the access of unemployed young people to the new ways of self employment.

“Spread your wings”

“Spread your wings “project is to sensitize and increase the level of awareness of the youngsters in what relates the integration of immigrants

“Spread your wings”

“Spread your wings “project is to sensitize and increase the level of awareness of the youngsters in what relates the integration of immigrants

Do an EVS project in an youth center in Cyprus

For this project we are looking for 4 motivated EVS volunteers to work with youth and children and have a nice time in Cyprus !

Contact. Create. Improve. Develop Quality EVS projects

The project will consist of two activities aiming at creating EVS projects and improving their quality.

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Agros Youth Club

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Agros Youth Club is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Cyprus (AGROS)
  • Cyprus AGROS
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
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Our group is called “Agros Youth Group”. The name originates from our village, Agros. Our club is one of the biggest youthgroup of Cyprus as we have more than 1

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