Caricature is a literary art which is one of the sub-branches of painting.

With the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, the pandemic process completely changed the lives of people in all countries of the World. In order to prevent the increase of the risk of diffusing, many measures have been taken such as; closing schools, closing public areas etc.

With the increase of physical distances, the changes in the way of greeting, showing love, and experiencing emotions lead to the restriction active social life. According to the researches, the affect has arose as; young people experienced the feeling of losing control of their lives, weak sense of trust, helplessness, loneliness, increased inactivity, weakening in relationships and social skills, introversion, excessive anxiety, desperate attitude towards the future and negative mental health. It has been found to affect
In line with this determined need, our project will handle the problems through Caricature. As it is known, Caricature is a literary art which is one of the sub-branches of painting. Caricature, which is defined as an exaggerated, thought-provoking and funny painting by focusing on all kinds of events related to human and society, is an important type of painting that produces both funny and critical works.
Considering its historical past, it can be said that cave paintings in Paleotic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods constitute the source of this art. With the Renaissance (rebirth) movement, it started to develop by gaining a new identity. Today, caricature has become an art that is drawn in almost every country and has a large number of readers.

Our aim with this project:
- Increasing the mental behavior activation of our young people whose active daily life has stopped during the pandemic period with the cartoon works they will create with creative thinking,
- To create opportunities for new friendships by supporting their spiritual development in this period, where friendship and sharing are of great importance according to the characteristics of the developmental period of young people,
- To gain the ability to freely and flexibly express the contradictory, funny attitudes and behaviors of individuals, societies and countries during the epidemic process, without damaging moral and national values,
- To increase the psychological resilience by expressing the intense emotions (anxiety, restlessness, insecurity, fear, uncertainty etc.) of the young people who are traumatized with the effect of the epidemic period and the developmental period they are in, with the artistic side of the cartoon,
- To create a sense of self-efficacy and self-respect in young people by accepting the ideas, thoughts and feelings they reflect in the caricature unconditionally,
- To revive interests that have become stagnant due to the constraints of the pandemic process,
- To break the traumatized effect by making them realize that they have common or similar feelings and thoughts, to weaken the feeling of loneliness, to provide emotional solidarity,
- To gain empathy skills by seeing the feelings and thoughts of individuals in different countries with other cartoon works,
- To take the perspective of young people's feelings and thoughts in the outside world and to create or develop their reflection and expression skills,
- To develop the power of thinking, perceiving, understanding, noticing, activating their creativity and imagination in young people,
- Learning to accept the existence of different thoughts with the visual effect of the cartoon,
- To improve judgment,
- Helping him to know his environment and society better,
- To develop observation skills in order to better reflect the environment and society,
- To gain the ability to express emotions, thoughts and ideas in artistic ways

Partner and Participant Profie:
- to contribute to the project objectives
- preferably worked on caricatures
- take active role on dissemination
- participants age range will be between 15-24 years
- must be interested in caricature
- familiar with drawing techniques

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Project overview

CARICATURE is a project by
taking place
from 2021-08 till 2021-08
This project relates to:
Youth Exchanges
and is focusing on:
  • Art
  • Health
  • Intercultural dialogue
This project can include young people with fewer opportunities like
  • Social obstacles
  • Economic obstacles
  • Educational difficulties
  • Cultural differences
  • Geographical obstacles

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