"Build your future"

Telšiai Youth Center is searching for one more partner (EU COUNTRIES) who can find one volunteer as soon as possible.

We plan to host two ESC volunteers for this project. We are searching for one ESC volunteer to work the MOBILE YOUTH WORK now, who will go together with the youth workers to the 9 different villages every evening. We want to find this volunteer WITHIN THIS JULY MONTH.
Project topic - volunteering and informal education of young people. Aim of the project - to give ESC volunteers space for intercultural learning through experience, and encourage young people's interest in another culture, to get the idea that us, as world inhabitants, more things unites than divides. We also want to give young people the opportunity to try social work sphere - an open youth work. We want to offer to "try a hoodie of Youth worker". We believe that such an activity gives experience for the future continuing growth as a person, teaches the monitor yourself, forms skill to reflect on the feelings and emotions, creatively seek solutions in the different situations.
Volunteers will be actively involved in the activities - will help youth workers administrate hosting organizations activities, will be in contact with young people, in the small daily activities (developing social skills of young people - cooking day, housekeeping day and so on), in organizing thematic workshops, camps, hikes, height tasks in learning threw experience center, in spreading information about the organization out in public, preparing presentations in other institutions (Unemployment Centre, schools), on the street. Work schedule and tasks for volunteers will go together with the season - Spring and Summer activities held outdoors (up to the Open Telšiai Youth Centre, Learning threw experience centers area, hiking and nature camps, in rural areas - stadiums, riverside, where young people like to hang). During the cold season, more indoor activities inside the Youth Centre. In the rural areas - schools, gyms, community houses, etc.
All the project will be guided by the principles of non-formal education - efforts to create a secure environment that allows to act. Promoting active participation, learning from experience by reflecting on what is going on, informal communication, teamwork. Not intended results, but focus on the process.
Pocket money - 120€, food money – 200€ per one month.

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"Build your future" is a project by
Telšiai Youth Centre
taking place
from 2020-10-01 till 2021-09-30
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