Youth office of municipality Prijepolje

Youth Office Municipal Prijepolje established on 2 April 2008. was among the first in Serbia in order to systematically and continuously active care, acts and responds to the needs and concerns of young people equal and equal fellow citizens who make up 23% of the population Prijepolje. Recognized as the development component of the local administration, networks and activate community resources and existing services, institutions, organizations, groups, creating support systems development-oriented community.

We can together :

* Develop youth policy projects in subject of education, tourism, ecology and entrepreneurship

* Organize joint youth exchanges and capacity building with in colaboration with tourism institutions

* Be partners through EVS projects of developing capacities of our citizens which experience are evaluated

Youth Office coordinates the implementation of the Local Action Plan for Youth (2010/2015), which represent strategic orientation of the Municipality to act synchronized activities of the networked institutions and organizations of youth Prijepolje.

The Youth Office works to direct youngsters through the Youth Club developing lifelong learning programs, creating local services:

- Voluntary Youth Services Prijepolje (as teams and individuals )
- Info Services for Young Municipal Prijepolje
- Youth Fund to support youth initiatives

Youth Office is recognizable and distinctive resource and service of its citizens and provides for its community :

- Managing processes in community through youth policy goals , bridging institutions and organisations with needs and problems of youth

- EVS hosting / coordinating / sending point ( )

- Formation of a strong base of human resources community through volunteer youth municipal youth service

- Creating the information service (created as a good model of practice Infocenter from Civic Initiative Belgrade ) that provides support to young people by connecting opportunities offered by civil society, the needs of young people and adapting information offered by institutions

- Office for Youth Prijepolje invest in the resources of their community following their development in order to increase competitiveness on the market

- Office for Youth through its activities promotes the values ​​of the National Youth Strategy, the policy of the European Union and the ethical principles of youth work as defined by the NAPOR (National asociation od youth workers of Serbia )

- The implementation of a large research among young people and between institutions that result in thirst communication strategy that will better suit the needs of the community

- Advertise vacancies on the implementation of the LAP for the purposes of youth from 2010.

- Establishment of co-management between Youth office and Council of youth and sport and define procedures established by the decision of the Council conclusions following strategic municipal documents

Past projects

Local service of experience

Local service of experience (LSE) is network of joint services on development of task oriented experience in school and employment agencies

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Youth office of municipality Prijepolje

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Youth office of municipality Prijepolje is

a Public Body
based in Serbia (Prijepolje)
  • Serbia Prijepolje
focused on
  • Art
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable development
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
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Responsible for community youth policy through 9 development goals as a chain between oranisations and institutions projects delivery towards needs of youth.

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