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Twende Kazi is a Swahiri word which means “let us go to work”. It was established in 2016 and fully registered as a nonprofit entity to equip youth with knowledge and skills to identify and recognize opportunities in the agricultural sector for self-sustenance and improved livelihood.
In accordance with the Sustainable Development Gal 2 which among other goals; seeks to ensure sustainable food production systems and implement resilient agricultural practices that increase productivity and production, that help maintain ecosystems, that strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, extreme weather, drought, flooding and other disasters and that progressively improve land and soil quality by 2030,We empower the youth to overcome the challenges encountered in the agricultural sector industry by facilitating them to become proactive and dynamic leaders who advocate for improvement of agricultural production in their local communities to combat hunger, food security, and economic empowerment. Our agenda is to transform the negative perception associated with agriculture among communities, youth in particular into a sector which is worthwhile through training and re-branding of young existing farmers into skilled farmers and at the same time making it attractive to new entrants as a worthy investment to counter the challenges related to food security in our communities and world at large.
Our primary objective is to raise awareness among the youth on initiatives which are aimed at ensuring sustainable food production systems, increasing agricultural productivity while empowering them to be agents of change for sustainable development.
Specific objectives include;
• To sensitize and promote awareness of the importance of Agriculture and highlighting the roles that each individual can take towards becoming food secure.
• To design, develop and introduce simple, attractive, and creative Agricultural tours, messages to encourage and educate youths in Agriculture.
• To build capacity among the youth in Agriculture for improved livelihoods and food security in communities and world at large.
Our vision is; To involve youth in securing food for present and future generations
Our mission is; A social order where youth are the leading contributors of food security and sustainable development for present and future generations.

Our Core Values
In pursuing our objectives, we try as much as possible to adhere to the following core values;

At Twende Kazi we are all aware that Success is built on partnership and collaboration everywhere. We create an environment where every associate is empowered to contribute and is recognized for their effort.

We take action to do the right thing, at the right time and assume responsibility for our decisions, actions, operations are in the best interest of beneficiaries, stakeholders, chain partners, and the employees with whom we implement the objectives of our organization.

At Twende Kazi, we treat everyone with the highest degree of respect and strive to live and act each day in an ethical manner.

Twende Kazi has 2 current projects:

  • Zero hunger agents network

    Making youths agents of zero hunger campaign and sustainable development through training them and re-branding the sector to make it attract more entrants.

    Partners found!
    This project takes place:
    from 2019-11-04 till 2023-11-03
    and relates to:
    Strategic Partnerships, Capacity Building
  • Skilling Teenage Mothers

    empowering teenage mothers with the skills that enable them to be self reliant and eventually improve their standards of living at their household levels.

    Partners found!
    This project takes place:
    from 2020-01-06 till 2023-12-06
    and relates to:
    Capacity Building
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Twende Kazi

Contact person: Edgar 305334


Phone: +256770609590






Twende Kazi is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in UGANDA (Kirombe Estate Road,Nsambya,Makindye West Division,Kampala)
  • UGANDA Kirombe Estate Road,Nsambya,Makindye West Division,Kampala
focused on
  • Coach for Youth Initiative
  • Conflict management
  • Gender equality
  • Minorities
  • Peace and conflict
  • Policy-making
  • Unemployment/employability
  • Volunteering
  • Youth policy
and interested in:
  • Strategic Partnerships
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raising awareness among the youth on initiatives aimed at ensuring sustainable food production systems while empowering them to be agents of change

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