Kucukcekmece Municipality

Kucukcekmece Municipality encourage to people explore their potential, develop themselves and to learn about the world.

Based on equality of opportunity and citizen satisfaction; With a management approach that is participatory, transparent, innovative, respectful to social values, sensitive to the environment and people-oriented; to create a bridge between local people and international units.

Our Municipality's Vision:

To be a modern district where urban justice and peace is ensured and that has completed local development.

Küçükçekmece Belediyesi is based in Istanbul ( Turkey ). To create a better world for themselves and others through different experiences by introducing young people to foreign environments.

In line with our mission, we prioritize our projects in order to introduce people to human beings, to gain respect for social values and to enable them to read their future by interpreting their past well. Our municipality aim to raise a society that has the right to help everyone regardless of religion, language or race.

Kucukcekmece Municipality has 25 different departments which has different specialist staffs working on different situation. In our priorities and work areas, our staffs have full experience in the European youth work and have participated in various activities, trainings, seminars etc..

Kucukcekmece Municipality has wide network with many cities and countries. We aim to bring to future beneficial projects that we had in past and present. We aim to contribute beneficial projects in future as we made in past and present.

Strategy Development Directorate:
Directorate of Strategy Development in Küçükçekmece Municipality works on Coordination and Representation, Strategy Development-Management and R&D studies.
In this context duties below are linked to Strategy Development Directorate in the working directory;
• To coordinate with the municipality's Directorates and other related institutions and organizations
• To represent the institution and to provide the necessary contribution in initiatives approved by the Presidency from work committees, platforms or other bodies to be established in and out of the country.
• To carry out the work of the municipality to determine and update the corporate mission, vision and working principles.
• To determine the medium and long term strategies and policies of the municipality and to carry out the necessary studies to form the objectives.
• To develop performance and quality criteria in the subjects of the municipality's task and to collect, analyze and interpret information and data about performance
• To evaluate the compliance of the municipality and / or the directorates with the specified performance and quality standards and present to top managers
• Coordinating the municipal strategic plan and the preparation of performance programs and carrying out the work of consoling the results
• To collect, analyze and interpret the data about municipal institutional structure, operation, services, and its employees
• To do data acquisition-analysis and research-development studies
• To evaluate the municipality's activities in accordance with its strategic plan and annual performance program
• To prepare the Activity Report of the Municipality based on the Directorate Activity Reports prepared by the Directorates
• To contribute to preparation of internal control, action plan, performance program, activity report and binding to budget
• To produce new projects and to investigate good municipality applications within the scope of “Producing Applicable Project with Municipality's Vision Focus”
• To review international good practice examples and present the model to the top management by compiling the models, articles and reports that will contribute to the municipality's strategic objectives as a result of literature review
• To design the processes of improving municipal services, to develop the projects or implementation models necessary to increase the quality of service and activity effectiveness
• To create projects in coordination with public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations, international organizations or to carry out the necessary studies to take place in the projects
• To conduct the necessary research work to improve the municipality's internal processes
• To make efforts to benefit from EU and external financial funds, national funds and resources
• To carry out the necessary activities to benefit from the support and incentive packages that concern municipal activities
• To find additional resources for services and activities other than the municipal budget

For further information you can check our PIF document that includes all information about Kucukcekmece Municipality.

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Kucukcekmece Municipality

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Kucukcekmece Municipality is

a Public Body
based in Turkey (Istanbul)
  • Turkey Istanbul
focused on
  • Democracy/Active citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • European citizenship
  • Human rights
  • Innovation
  • Integration
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Sustainable development
  • Unemployment/employability
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
Kucukcekmece Municipality in 160 characters:

Kucukcekmece Municipality encourage to people explore their potential, develop themselves and to learn about the world.

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