Croatian Youth Association

Croatian Youth Association
Hrvatska Udruga Mladih - HUM (cro.)


- 2 years of experience
- More than 100 members and growing day after day
- On FB group has around 6000 members ( the biggest in Croatia )
- Partnership with more than 20 countries ( from South Korea, Georgia to Norway, UK, Portugal, Malta, Italy, Germany… )
- active in local community
- cooperation with the ministries and student organizations
- and participated on more than 30 different projects, mainly abroad.

We are Croatian Youth Association, organisation which has a lot of experience with hosting (our projects) and sending participants abroad.

Today we are working mainly with students and we have FB group with almost 6.000 followers, most of them are students
who are open for international experience.

Croatian Youth Association currently is one of the key partners on KA2 multilateral project ‘’Ei You’’. It is 2 years long project in which is participating 6 countries (Austria, Croatia, Italy, Portugal and UK). We will be organized as interactive workshops with students and teachers from different countries.
Project is financed by Italian National Agency and it’s part of ERASMUS plus program.

''- Croatian Youth Association is built from people in their 20s, and, therefore a key partner in the project. They are representing our target generation with the focus on young leadership, conscious citizenship, future building. The interaction between the students and these youngsters are seen as models in proactive attitudes (alternative model to the current expectations of the students). Based on their experiences they will host 2 learning/ teaching activities.'' – Villa Montesca - Italy and Future Baloons - Portugal (organizator of the project)


The aim of the Association is to promote, develop, improve and popularization of youth in the Croatian society.

Activities to achieve the objectives of the association are:

• to promote the interests and activities of young
• Promotion of tolerance, non-violence and solidarity
• promote active citizenship of young people, and their European citizenship
• To increase the participation of young people in the civic life of their communities and in the system of representative democracy
• development of human dignity and respect for different cultures
• Promotion of European cooperation in the youth field
• integration and cooperation with the European Association for Youth
• organization of international youth projects
• The organization of lectures, seminars, roundtables, tours and trips for teens
• stimulate the creativity of children and young people
• expansion of volunteerism among young people
• encouraging communication between young people
• promote awareness of the development of civil society
• Promotion of human rights and gender equality
• promote awareness of the development of the information society
• raising environmental awareness
• encouraging a culture of healthy living
• Associations may establish the book, newspaper or media of any kind aimed at informing the Croatian Youth
• Work with local and regional authorities and the ministries concerning youth Republic of Croatia
• cooperation with the National Agency for European Educational Projects
• anything else that will contribute to the active participation and involvement of young people in the Croatian society


HUM tomorrow:

- Continuation of cooperation with current partners
- Accreditation for EVS
- Sending and hosting volunteers
- Applying prepared projects and working on new projects
- Strengthening cooperation with educational institutions and public institutions

Available downloads:

Past projects

Face it! Youth for activity and respect in common Europe

Project ID: HR-11-E20-2013-R1 Participants: 30 youngsters from Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania ,Poland

Act(i)On. Empower your voice with Forum Theatre

Project ID: HR-43-E30-2013-R3 Place: Zagreb, Croatia Participants: 30 youngsters

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Croatian Youth Association

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Croatian Youth Association is

a Non-profit/Non-Governmental Organisation
based in Croatia (Vrgorac/Zagreb)
  • Croatia Vrgorac/Zagreb
and interested in:
  • Youth Exchanges
  • Volunteering Activities (formerly EVS)
  • Training and Networking
  • Transnational Youth Initiatives
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Capacity Building
  • Meetings between young people and decision-makers
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We are young, motivated, educated, serious, humorous, responsible, responsible, cheerful, experienced

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