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We founded this group in university 9 years ago. It was founded as a scout group and later we changed as an Discovery Adventure Group. Now we have 100 universitian members and 50 gratuated members (old students are new teachers now) We are doing some projects for international and local. We are going to camps three times in every year, planting trees in spring, cleaning the sea on 2nd september (sea cleaing day in Turkey), visiting Asylum for the Aged and Society for the Protection of the children every year, giving blood to The Red Crescent Association three times every year. Moreover, we are doing some Europe Union projects. Our members participated to more than twenty projects in Canakkale but we didn’t do them. We just helped the organisation which did these projects. And later we decided to make our own projects. And we prepared six projects and applied for them in this term.

We made these projects;

- Green Europe 17-24.07.2009 RefNO:TR-43-95-2009-R2 Yalova/TURKEY (Action 4.3)

- Three Colors Which Changed The Destiny of The World 07-13.08.2009 RefNO:TR-11-155-2009-R2 Izmit/TURKEY (Action 1.1)

Enlighten The world with the Art. 30.01.2010-06.02.2010 RefNO: TR-11-336-2009-R3 Yozgat/ TURKEY (Action 1.1)

Past projects

Genetically Modified Organism

Our project subject are genetically modified organism and GMO's effects to human health. Most of foods are included the GMO Which are foods included the GMO? GMO is threaten of human health. our project will provide information about GMO after the our project participants will be more carefull about the food.when they go to shopphing they will pay attention to theme of label. If you want to learn new information about GMO and become to live healthy you can join with us.You won't be regret.If you want to join us, please contact with us…

The Big Philosopher MEVLANA

Project Summary; "Come, come again, whoever you are, come! Heathen, fire worshipper or idolatrous, come! Come even if you broke your penitence a hundred times, Ours is the portal of hope, come as you are." This is a poem..Poetry is Mevlana…He has been really good and important person in Turkey. Because during his life, he never saw the differences among the people…He never cared for people’s naionality, religion or colour.He rejected racism all the time….He said to people, just come….Don’t think your colour…Don’t think your language…Don’t think your country…Our home is love home..Love home is your home…Our door is opened for everybody… Here with this opinion, to share our love, to share our emotions, for our relationship,friendship and brothership, we will do this Project..In the activities, we try to learn Mevlana’s opinions and life….We will do some activities with arts about love and to destroy racism… If you want to join us, please contact with us….

Animal and Plants

Project Summary; Number of kinds of plants and animals are decreasing day by day. How many people are aware of this fact? What are possible reasons of that? What can we do to prevent these lose? How can we make people conscious and prevent this problem? Answers to such questions will be found in this project. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

All of Us are Disabled

Project Summary; To understand their life, to see them as normal people, to solve their problems we want to do this Project….In the activities, we try to make somethings to understand them…For example, we choose 5 diabilities…One day will be blind people’ day. Some of us will be blind and some of us will be helper..During the day, we do everything (every activities) like blind people..And other day will be for example abrachia people’s day..and like that….The last day, we will make an olympics of disabled people…. At the end of our projects, our participants will change their opinions about them…They will understand them better…And so maybe, we can help them much more… If you want to join this project, please contact us..

Don’t Kill Our Youth

Project Summary; According to United Nations reports, there are over 200 millions people who are using drugs in thw world and it is getting more %8 percent of it every year.Most of them are between 13- 30 ages. Every year, thousands people are dieing because of drugs..and The World of Drugs is bigger than many countries.Drugger youngsters have short and fake lives.but they dont know this and one day they loose their life in a hole…It is so dangerous for our future life and the world…We are living in a global world anymore…So this problem is all of us…For this aim, we want to make a Project about drugs…its damages?how can we save us and our families, friends agains th drugs?

Details of Democracy

Project Summary; In this Project, we will try to teach all the methods of the managements to our participants…. Our participants will be youngsters people between 18-25… So, they will learn the importance of democracy… Because according to us, the best moethod of management is democracy… Democracy tries to give freedom to all the people… of course if you use it well… In fact, all the methods of managements aim the same thing.... all of them want to people live in easy circumstances… But their ways are different… and during all the historical times, the people use these management methods but they accept the democracy as the best… In this Project, we will try to teach all the managements methods and we will try to find the answer of this question: which one is the best? what importance of the democracy? And how will these information about the methods help you? And we want to make this project with you… we want to see you as our partner in this Project

Boiling Point

Project Summary; Our Project consists of some workshops and seminars about Global Warming… You know anymore The World is not like our known world… Our animals die, trees are absent, an done day our grandsons can’t see somethings which i see now… So, we must say ‘stop’’ this problem… Because this problem doesn’t belong to just only cuntry… This is our common problem we must solve together... From Africa to Europe… Everybody must be responsible for this problem… With this aim, we start to first step of solution. We hope we go on the steps with you in future… In this Project, some specialist about global warming, will give some seminars and after that we will make some workshops… If you want to join us, please contact with us…

Inverted World

Have you ever seen a woman who is driving a truck? Have you ever seen a woman who is beating his husband because he is not good at cooking? Have you ever seen a woman who was sexually arresting man because they did not wear in an appropriate form? Or, have you ever seen a man who is crying without thinking about what others think about him? Have you ever seen a man who is telling his deep feelings without being shy and getting judged by the others? Answers of all such questions are related to social roles and gender. İn our project we will try to find answers to such questions. If you want to join this project, please contact

Unemployed Future

Project Summary; Nowadays in all over the world, unemployment has been rising day by day and it has threatened our future. When the youngsters who are well educated, after university, hasn’t found job, they let down…This disappoinment has broken down the youngsters’ physicological situation…So, youngsters has been agresif and nervous people… Here in this Project, we try to learn how we can solve this problem..We try to understand their psyhological situation and we evaluate this situation in terms of our future. If you want to join this Project, please contact with us.

Naturel Disaster

It is a fact that in every country on the world we can see a natural disaster. But, how much information do we have about natural disasters as human beings? Do we know that there are ways to prevent them? So, how can we prevent natural disasters? İn this project answers to such questions will be found. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

Hearth is a Bridge

Project Summary; Natural disasters, and major destruction occurred without the influence of people killing people and property damage by natural events. These are drought, famine, severe cold weather, earthquakes, floods, landslides, avalanches, storms, hurricanes, volcanoes, forest fires and etc. Natural disasters, most countries have not known in advance caught unprepared, so the higher losses of life and property. These disasters occur all over the world, and collaborate, and improves the support of the people. Many countries help to get rid of this disaster and lots of people make a bridge, heart to heart. The aim of our project is prepared for natural disasters, deliberate and cold-blooded people who will help in such situations is to create. So that each participant adds a wood this bridge. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

Nature and Nature

We are all a part of nature and we live in beauty of nature. But we treat the environment badly and we do not thank you enough. Therefore we decided to do a Project about the nature. We do this Project in Burdur of which has a nature and virgin beauty. In this Project we do environmental cleanup and trekking. So we say the nature thank you. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

Media and Us

The media and we are. The media is the most effective weapons in the world. That could destroy a large state or a power take off peak. Big players in an industry-funded incredible. So where do we in this sector? I wonder does the media affect humanity, positive or negative? In every moment of your life in every moment of life must be really wonder if the media do? Did he managed in large financial system? We have all these questions about the media. You are wondering as much as we do these questions?

The People Who Like Red

Project Summary; Some people said they are gipsy... Some people said they are thieves. Ones said they are bad people… We claim that most of them are so kind and friendly people. Yes, i mean that Romens people… Do you know how difficult is to be Romen in this world. You have been lived in a country for years… But you can’t feel you belong to this country… Because the other people doesn’t allow this… In all the world, most of the people see you as witch… But the worst thing is not your fault… Just only You were born from Romen mother… And you didn’t choose her… And moreover she is the best mother for you… But some people think that you are second class person because of only your relatives, your father, mother or family… To sum up, in this Project we learn romen’s culture, lives and musical skills. Because most of them are true-born musicians… It is the miracle of God. At the end of the Project, the participants will learn it is so bad that to evaluate people as the bad people without knowing anything about them. For this aim, for learning their culture, dances, music, for fun and to be friend from the other countries, participate us.

Flags and National Anthems

There are 203 countries in the world and International well-known in 193 countries. And all of countries have an athems. Our country’s flag and anthem have an impressive story, therefore, we want to know the stories of other countries flag and national anthem. And decided to do this Project. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

Starting With A Career

Project Summary; Every day starts another young person with a new career. But most of them are not so lucky. The financial situation in Europe is not so good as before and it is getting worse day by day. A lot of young and educated people are waiting for a job and to build up their careers. A lot of firms are using young people under cover of trainings and unemployment is growing day by day. Numerous young people are working under hard conditions and have no rights. They cannot reject such job offers because if they don’t work there are other young people waiting for these jobs. There are thousands of career centers, but they are generally deceiving young people and their families and taking their money. So as the young people, we need to resist this problem and try to understand the problem in different countries so that we can learn from each other. Another important reason why this topic so important is, that the unemployment causes many of the problems in our social life. If we can solve this problem, we can solve many other problems. So if you are interested, join us..


Our project subject is radiation.All we know that radiation is everywhere.Lots of things are spreading radiation.The computers,televisions,cell phones,fridge...So we decided a project about this.Because radiation is one of reality in our life.We are living with radiation.We should do something to reduce radiation effects.In this project the participant will learn lots of thing about the radiation and they will be more conscious.After the project they will share their experiences with their neighboorhood.Let join with us...If you want to join us, please contact with us…

Young and Unemployed

Project Summary; Young population in the world is facing major challenges. Lack of education, poverty, social exclusion are some of them. These problems are not only gaining employment opportunity problems are unsurpassed. Young poverty, youth poverty and working poverty from generation to generation days, working off the record, again, heavy-duty conditions of employment of young people alone will not be enough to solve economic problems, even as important and widespread phenomena. On the other hand, domestic and non-living space is limited, the search for a different culture and identity in society not seen a nice, young people değerlendirebilekleri time out of school, self-development, family and socialize outside of school such as youth centers created for them in those areas or areas that have very limited rights lack of a wide range of issues, such as may be mentioned. Reduction of youth unemployment in solving other problems listed above is not recommended as the only critical threshold, which will be examined in this project as an important factor in the increase in youth unemployment is possible to say came across

Money, Money, Money

Project Summary; The Money was invented by Historic Lydia country…and From beginnig of invention up to now, it has been a symbol of strength and richness…during the eras, the Money was seen us in dffrent situations.Some countries showed their cultures in their Money, some of them showed their heroes…Sometimes, countries tried to give their ideological learnings to the world with their own money…To sum up, Money is sometimes a culture, sometimes is a teacher and sometimes is a vehicle for dirty activities…It is not important what is important and valuable…but in this Project we dont talk about its value (as price)…We interest in its cultural value…if you want to join this Project, please contact us….

Married and Happy

Project Summary; We will introduce our wedding ceremony in our project. We aim that we provide our guests to tell our culteral wedding ceremony. We belive that the wedding ceremony is the best day in whole life because when people undertand to find his/her soul mate, he/she starts to imagine his/her wedding ceremony and he/she wants to organize the best wedding ceremony, we think it is the same all over the world. But in this wedding ceremony has been a little diversity because of the each others culterals. Moreover we will indicate our real wedding ceremony with this project. At the end of this may be our guests invite our groups to our wedding ceremony. With this project we and our guests will learn each others culture.

Cancer’s Reason

Project Summary; For 2010, 15 million new cancer cases…because of cancers,8 millions deaths ve 30 millions cancerous people in the world…you know anymore that we face to face what kind of problem is.what about reasons?foods, beverages,e.t.c…now, in most of the foods, there are too many carcinogen elements…the people dont know this or dont car efor this.because, it shows their effects after 15 years later.and if people dont loose their friends or families because of cancer,they dont give enough importance for this..but they must…because the time is is getting faster day by day…so we must prevent this…but how? Answer:organic agriculture…it is so important…come and join will learn too many things…

We won’t be Destroyed

Project Summary; Earthquake is a natural disaster. What time, where they will be is not clear. Measure not taken a real serious consequences. Impossible to avoid, but not impossible to protect against earthquake. Earthquake as a country have paid a heavy price. After that we wrote this project to discuss what can we do?We are making preparation for a major earthquake. Do you contribute to us on this issue?

They are in danger!

Project Summary; -Did you know that there are more than one million homeless children around the world? -Did you know that some homeless children live by themselves with no parents?They don’t have anyone to turn it to! Numbers of children become homeless and the case is increasing visibly with the big cities of the world.There are many reasons why children become homeless.Not all children are orphan.They might not necessarily be homeless or without families but who live a situations where there is no protection , supervision or direction from responsible adults.Increasingly, these children are the defenseless victims of brutal violence, sexual explotation, object neglect, chemical addiction and human rights violations. That’s why we think that we need be more aware of the case by exchanging knowledges and ideas.And, we should find some action to make more safety world for them.Because, homeless children are not simply at risk, most suffer specific physical, psychological and emotional damage. If you want to join us, please contact with us…


Project Summary; As is known, music is an activity which is used in all the areas of life like health , entertainment, art e.t.c….One of these areas is religion.In nearly all religions, definitely music is used.Music provides to better understood for all the activities…It gives motivation to participate any activity.Here in this Project, we try to learn the importance of the music on religions…What is the importance of music fort he religions? How can it provide the motivation? When is music used? When have relations been started between religion and music? We try to find answer for these questions in this Project..So, youngsters will understand better both religion and music…And so they will tolerate all the religions…Because in fact, everybody tries to be a good person which religion he believes…

The Birth of Languages

Project Summary; Language is a tool for the deal among the people. Language is developing in each day, such as a living thing. There are 203 countries in the world and some of countries speak same language and some of countries speak more than 1 language. Therefore too many languages are spoken all over the world. Based on that we decided to do a project related to the birth of languages and history of the languages. We do this Project in Kilis. We chose this city because Kilis is very old city and Many civilizations lived here (Assyrian, Median, Parthian Empire, the Byzantine Empire, Seljuk Empire, Ottoman Empire, Britain, France, the Republic of Turkey) so that so many languages borned and spoken here. We will learn history of the languges, will visit historical and living places and all participants will teach their languges. If you want to join this project, please contact us..

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