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TRAIN THEATER - 2nd edition

Training Course

18-24 March 2023 | Alpignano, Torino, Italy

"TRAIN THEATER - 2nd edition" is a 5 days residential training course;it will involve 26 participants who are interested in using theater as a non formal method for intercultural learning.

The Training course TRAIN THEATER - 2nd edition will be set as the previous training course in the frame of Erasmus Plus (KA1 - Staff mobility) in collaboration with partners from the South Mediterranean area. 

In October 2019, the organization Giosef Torino hosted the first edition of this Training Course to critically reflect about the use of theater techniques in non formal education. The need behind the implementation of this training was to enhance awareness and knowledge toward the use of theater in education, especially in intercultural settings and with groups who might have people with very different (sometimes critical) life experiences : on the one hand by giving a deeper comprehension of the pedagogical system behind the use of theater in education, on the other hand by providing to the participants a practical experience, throughout a number of theater activities with different technics, which they tried out themselves, deeply understood and discussed, before to use it in their own projects.  

After the deep and engaging experience, following the feedback of the participants and organizations involved, Giosef Torino decided to create a follow up experience that focuses more on use of theater pedagogy in intercultural learning, deepening the knowledge on theater activities, to better understand how to modify or even create their own, targeting specific aims; in this training we will add a focus on intercultural conflict management and power dynamics understanding, a key problematic emerged in different experiences when highly emotional topic have been addressed using theater, an easily emotionally charged activity in itself.

The training course is designed as a 5 days residential experience and it will involve 26 youth workers, facilitators, trainers, educators, teachers who are interested in using theater as a method for their work, especially in very diverse group which call for a high level of flexibility, ability to deal with ambiguity and capacity to welcome different definitions of identity. 

The specific objective are:

  • to provide a wide set of competences in the frame of theater pedagogy, framed and understood as an effective methodology in different context and group;
  • to clarify differentiations and similarities between theater pedagogy and non formal education;
  • to open a discussion and problematize the use of theater in education, addressing pitfalls and benefits, with a specific attention to intercultural groups,
  • to provide a broad set of direct experiences in the theater frame, perfect example of the holistic learning experience, magnifier and amplifier of all competences required by a trainer;
  • to prove through different engaging activities a self awareness of group dynamic, active listening, emotion management;
  • to deepen comprehension of the concept of “safe space for learning process”; 
  • to analyze of the different conduction style, capacity of giving and receiving feedbacks, leading debriefing and self-valuation;
  • to understand the cultural ambiguity and liquid concept of identity, with an intersectional approach.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 24 participants

from Algeria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Lithuania, Morocco, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Teachers and educators

Accessibility info:

This activity and venue place are accessible to people with disabilities.

Working language(s):



Giosef Torino Marti Gianello Guida APS (Youth NGO)

Giosef Torino is a Social Promotion Association which promotes social inclusion and anti-discrimination on an intersectional level, throughout Non Formal Education on Human Rights, intercultural learning and Euro-Mediterranean mobility. The association supports cultural and social education as well as the international mobility of youths to promote active citizenship. With this purpose it promotes Non Formal Education programs on local and international levels.
Giosef stands for “GIOvani SEnza Frontiere”: Youth without borders. Being without borders is our main strength which leads us to reach a better world, breaking the patterns fearlessly, looking above the appearances.
We recognize in our practice the possibility to affirm human rights, to fight against any kind of prejudice and discrimination.

Our pillars are:
YOUTH WORK AND NON FORMAL EDUCATION: producing social change through Human Rights Non Formal Education;
INTERSECTIONAL APPROACH: to promote an anti-sexist, anti-racist culture against omo-lesbo-bi-transphobia, xenophobia, islamophobia and any sort of discrimination through an intersectional perspective;
INCLUSION AND PARTICIPATION: to promote participation and active citizenship of youngsters to fight against the social exclusion and promote the rights;
EURO-MEDITERRANEAN COOPERATION: to promote the cooperation between European Countries and Partner Countries from the South Mediterranean region to facilitate social cohesion in the area;
INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY: to promote international mobility and intercultural learning among the youths.

Contact for questions:

Annamaria Simeone

E-mail: davidedipaloneukolln@gmail.com


Phone: 0039 3201926727


Participation fee

No fee

Accommodation and food

The group will host at Cascina Govean, Alpignano (Torino), in an enviromental educational center.

Accomodation and food are covered by the project. 

The group will be hosted in shared rooms with 2/3 people.  Each room has a bathroom inside. 

No single room are available in the venue.

Travel reimbursement

The travel will be reimbursed follow the distance calculation rules of the Erasmus Plus Program 2022:

Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Tunisia: 275,00 euro max;

Algeria, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine: 360,00 euro max;

Italy: 0. 

Exceptional cost:

Visa and insurance for southmeda participants will be covered for a maximum of 100,00 euro;

Palestinian travel to reach Amman airport will be covered for a maximum amout of 200,00 euro.

Travels and Visa will be reimbursed only upon providing original invoices, receipts and boarding passes.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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