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The Value-driven Advanced Leadership (VALE) Course

Training Course

13-21 October 2023 | Outside of Oslo, Norway

We seek to move beyond classical leadership training by prioritising depth and impact to help participants grow their leadership competencies and understand their personal values – empowering them in their everyday leadership and volunteer work.

In today's world, leadership extends beyond the ability to guide others, it demands an understanding of personal values and self-leadership. This belief recognises that each individual possesses the potential to influence change, reaching beyond their immediate circle into broader communities and spheres of influence.

In our mission to support this, we at The VALE are committed to equipping youth workers with the necessary tools and networks to harness their potential. This process hinges on developing the personal leadership, built on an individual’s understanding, abilities, and attitudes towards leading themselves and others. We aim to bring our participants with us on a profound learning journey to better understand and develop their leadership skills, to help them grow into the value-driven leaders of tomorrow.

The VALE 2023 is financially supported by the Norwegian Children and Youth Council. They are an umbrella organisation for 102 different Norwegian children and youth organisations. Their member organisations are democratic and voluntary, and they represent a vast diversity of activities and interests.

The target group of The VALE is young volunteer leaders representing a youth organisation. The course strives to have a diverse applicant pool and to have a balanced group of participants in terms of gender, background, and experience.

We have set the following selection criteria:

  • Aged 20-35 (due to the funding being youth-specific)
  • Has previous leadership experience(s), preferably in leading large and diverse groups of people
  • Demonstrates a commitment to self-reflection and readiness to take on a challenging journey for self-improvement
  • Shows a strong interest in taking on future leadership roles and being a leader of tomorrow
  • Ready and able to attend the full duration of the training from 13 to 21 OCTOBER 2023, including completing the preparatory tasks and the follow-up meeting on 10 DECEMBER 2023.
  • Has strong motivation, with their newly gained knowledge and skills, to act as multipliers in their local organisation and contexts

Please read the attached call for more information, including detailed information about the financials. 

If you're interested in the project, don't hesitate to ask us about it – we'd be delighted to tell you more. Either shoot us an email, or if you'd rather speak to someone directly, leave us your phone number, and we'll gladly take a call!


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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 20 participants

from Erasmus+ Youth Programme countries , Other countries in the world , Partner Countries Neighbouring the EU

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers

Working language(s):



The VALE (Youth NGO)

The Value-driven Advanced Leadership (The VALE) Association is a registered non-profit organisation specialising in youth leadership education.

The main purpose of The VALE is to support the creation of aware, skilled and value-driven leaders for a peaceful, inclusive and sustainable world. To this end, The VALE arranges meetings, educational seminars and trainings, participates in international activities, produces publications in varying formats, launches initiatives, makes proposals, and gives expert opinions.

The VALE has 65 program alumni and almost a thousand people that have taken part of their educational activities.

More info can be found at: https://thevale.eu/

Contact for questions:

Erik Sundberg


Phone: +46723221994


Participation fee

The vast majority of the course costs are covered by our funder LNU. In addition, however, all participants will contribute to their own participation costs. Here is the outline of the costs:

The course has a confirmation fee, based on your country of residence, calculated based on the Erasmus+ table of daily support allowance (Link here).

Administering registrations comes with costs. The confirmation fee covers these, while also serving as your commitment, helping us to effectively plan and ensure an optimum learning environment for all.

A one-time payment will go towards costs that are not in full covered by the grant by LNU. The amount is determined by your country of residence (see the next page)

Delivering a high-quality course like ours requires resources. While your fee contributes towards these costs, remember it's only a sliver of the actual value you'll receive. This includes, among other things:

  • Accommodation and meals and local travel to the venue
  • Quality learning materials
  • Experienced and dedicated trainers

Both fees depend on the country of residence because we wanted to help balance the economic disparities between different regions (see financial notes part 3 in the call for more explanations). Some sponsorships might come from your youth organisations, but we urge you to be open-minded regarding other possible sources of sponsorship, such as your work, school, other affiliated organisations and more.

More specific detail about fee amount for each country can be found in the attached call.

Accommodation and food

Yes, all included in the confirmation and participation fee. 

Travel reimbursement

No. Participants will arrange and cover their travels to and from Oslo prior to and after the on-site training however they wish. The programme will begin on Friday 13 October at 16 CET in Oslo city center. The programme will end on Saturday 21 October around 14 CET in Oslo (earliest departures should be booked at 16:30 CET).

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