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The Melting Iceberg

Training Course

2-7 March 2015 | Budapest, Hungary

With this training course we would like to provoke and inspire critical reflection about personal attitudes, educational approaches and political understandings related to the practice of Intercultural Learning in European Youth Work.
Background The first T-Kit on Intercultural Learning has been written 15 years ago and has influenced greatly educational practice in the field of Non-formal learning and European youth work. SALTO Cultural Diversity in the UK has asked 2 years ago a group of experts to re-define intercultural competence; on the basis of this definition they made a research and produced a study on how intercultural competence is being addressed in Youth in Action projects – the report can be found here: In all current debates one aspect seems to be clear – the notion of “culture” and “Intercultural Learning” as applied in the practice of the European youth field is too static and fails to address important dimensions threatening social cohesion (such as social injustice, discrimination, power relations, ambiguous identities). Global developments over the last 25 years such as mass migration, diversification of lifestyles, religious heterogeneity, impact of information technology in particular the Web have not yet transformed the way intercultural learning is being addressed in the large majority of Youth in Action activities. What is an adequate response to these developments for the European Youth field – in particular for the educational practice? New concepts and approaches are being developed and explored – eg. diversity conscious approach or the concept of ambiguity and change. Both are inviting to change perspectives, see more political dimensions and reflecting personal attitudes. How do we need to change our activities to integrate and pay attention to these huge global developments? Intentions of the training With this training course we would like to provoke and inspire. We are not interested in teaching the ‘right’ way but stimulating critical reflection about personal attitudes, educational approaches and political understandings: The specific intentions are: 1. Inspiring participants to look behind their understanding of culture and Intercultural Learning. 2. Inviting participants to experience what it means to be diversity conscious and able to deal with ambiguity and change. 3. Providing participants the opportunity and space to critically review their educational practice when it comes to intercultural learning. Approach and Methodology The course will invite participants to experience in different ways ambiguity and diversity as the two central concepts. The experiences offered aim to challenge participants on intellectual as well as emotional level. We aim to support participants reviewing profoundly their approach and understanding in relation to culture – and perhaps find themselves within the concept of ambiguity and diversity conscious approaches. Participants We are inviting youth workers, trainers, facilitators who can say YES to the follwowing questions: • Are you resident in one of the following 5 countries: Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania? • Are you a trainer, facilitator, youth worker with experience in planning and facilitating international activities in the Youth in Action context (training courses, youth exchanges)? • Have you been actively involved in designing the educational programme of the activities and wishing to critically review your understanding and practice of intercultural learning? Team of Facilitators Camilla Bogetun Johansson, Gabor Csikos, Peter Hofmann Application and Funding Interested? Then apply filling in the online application form:! The selection will be done by the organiser of the training course, AFS Hungary together with the partners for the project: ALP – Activating Leadership Potential (AT), Citizens for Europe (GER), Insight edp (IT), Center for Equality Advancement (LIT). Thanks to the funding we received through the ERASMUS+ Youth in Action programme all hosting costs are covered and you will receive a contribution to your travel according to the ERASMUS+ distance calculator. Deadline to apply is 15th of December 2014. Need for clarfication? Write an email to:

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Training overview

This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 20 participants

from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Volunteering mentors, Facilitators

Working language(s):



AFS Hungary (Youth NGO)

AFS is an international organization offering intercultural long-term stays abroad for young people.

Contact for questions:

Gábor Csikós


Phone: +36-30-370-23-49


Thanks to the funding we received through the ERASMUS+ Youth in Action programme all hosting costs are covered and you will receive a contribution to your international travel costs (for participants from Lithuania, Italy and Germany max. 275 EURO, from Austria max. 180 EURO); for Hungarian participants no contribution to the travel costs can be paid.

This training activity is funded by:

The Erasmus+ Youth in Action Programme

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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