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Stand Up 4 their rights

Training Course

8-13 February 2019 | Netherlands

“Stand Up 4 their Rights” is a European Training Course for youth workers and youth on interactive theater and media methods for integration and equality, with a more specific direction to the refugee and migrant rights.

With “Stand Up 4 their Rights” we are aiming at tackling this issue and at supporting young people to find sustainable ways to accept integration and to find viable ways to get along with the “newcomers” in their countries. By the use of interactive theater tools and media, we want to offer to the young people a chance to see the integration with different eyes and to offer them the tools to showcase it to others as well. For this purpose theater and media are 2 powerful tools for promoting human rights and equality.

The main objectives of the project are:
- To offer knowledge about the refugee crisis, the immigration movements and the issues these people are facing in the countries of origin of the participants.
- To allow to the participants to get familiar with the European strategies and practices on the refugee and migration crisis.
- To provide the participants with non-formal educational tools and methods to stimulate intercultural dialogue & promote human rights and equality.
- To create educational materials, showcasing the learning points of the training.

In the project, there are going to participate 30 youth workers, young activists of human rights, young professionals working in the area of integrations of refugees and migrants from 6 countries. The partners chosen for this project are mainly countries that meet a lot of immigration (both incoming and outgoing) and refugee crisis, more specifically: Greece, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia & Latvia.

The coordinator of this project is Heimat Foundation from the Netherlands. The organization is having the advantage of being established in a country that follows a successful integration system for the refugees and migrants and is pleased to have very low levels of discrimination and exclusion of cultural minorities. Therefore, the Netherlands is a great learning place for the rest of the project. 

The participating organizations for this project are:
1. Solidarity Mission – Greece
2. Educompass - Bulgaria,
3. Perspektiva - Latvia
4. Reencontro – Portugal
5. Zofijni Ilubimci - Slovenia
6. Heimat – the Netherlands 

After the end of the training, the follow-up period of the project will begin. This signifies a period of follow-up activities from the side of the participants and partners, where they are going to disseminate the project results, show their learning and finally promote human rights.

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia

and recommended for

Youth workers, Active volunteers working in the field of migrants and human rights

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Sitchting Heimat (Youth NGO)

Heimat is a foundation working in the field of non-formal education. We work on the areas of personal and professional development, integration, community building & human rights. The organization is a platform for young people to learn, develop and grow.

We support people in their learning process, develop their skills and competencies and create a
carrier that suits their dreams and longings.
Our mission is to create a better world that works for everyone. A world where everybody is driven by love, directed by care for themselves and the others and work in cooperation.

We strive for a world that people live the life they want to live and become the change they want to
see in the world.
In Heimat, we believe that learning is a lifelong process, which enables people to increase selfconfidence, self-esteem, and improved life chances.
Learning in an international context enables intercultural awareness and develops skills and
competencies, which is especially important for people with fewer opportunities.

We aim to develop social and personal skills of young people and young specialists needed for their successful integration in the society as a whole and the workforce in particular. We aim to support the young people to enrich their skills and abilities by building bridges among them and organizations related with their interests.
In order to achieve our goals, we use diverse tools, methodologies, and techniques. We work with interactive methods, non-formal learning, theater methods, outdoor activities, art, synergy method & coaching in order to empower people to become the best of themselves.

Contact for questions:

Itsaso Zaldibar


Phone: 619046997


Participation fee

There is no participation fee. 

Accommodation and food

The accomodation ad food are covered by Erasmus+

Travel reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement are 100% covered
under the country budget.

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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