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Risk Assessment and Risk Managment in Youth Projects

Training Course

22-29 July 2017 | Ankara, capital city of Turkey, Türkiye

The activity programme will be designed to support participants in recognizing the way they perceive risk and to apply the learning into their work with young people in their organisations.
The activity programme will be designed to support participants in recognizing the way they perceive risk and to apply the learning into their work with young people in their organisations. The participants will come from various levels of understanding of what risk is so the programme will be designed to ensure that from an early stage they would have a common understanding of it. The programme will focus on the various elements that shape people’s reaction to risk i.e. legal dimension, customs, attitudes, life experience, reactions to new environments, the use of power and how abuse is defined in different cultures. The aim of the training course is to increase the quality of international projects in the Youth in Action Programme through the development of participants’ competence in risk assessment and risk management. -To raise awareness of issues of risk in international youth exchanges, -To exchange of good practices between youthworkers, -To work towards developing a common understanding of risk -To reflect on individual perception of risk -To reflect on the influence of culture on risk perception -To reflect on and be able to identify the factors of vulnerability of young people -To be able to identify risk in international environment (different contexts and national realities) -To understand and be able to do a risk assessment for Youth in Action projects (before and during implementation) -To reflect on and get to know how to involve young people in the process of identification and reduction of risk in projects -To get to know and be able to use crisis management -To experience various tools and methods that can facilitate risk management.

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This Training Course is

for 31 participants

from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Türkiye, United Kingdom

and recommended for

Youth workers, Trainers, Youth leaders, Youth project managers, Youth policy makers, Volunteering mentors, Association's presidents, leaders, managers and workers, youth participants.

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Hacettepe University (Youth NGO)

Hacettepe University(HU) manages its activities regarding its teaching, research, and services to society according to its mission and goals as much as possible. HU also receives the benefit of certain opportunities in this respect.
Hacettepe University is responsible for the administration of the European Union Education and Youth Programmes at Hacettepe University and carries out the work in close collaboration with all academic and administrative units (www.abofisi.hacettepe.edu.tr)
Within the framework of The Youth Programme, project creation training courses are being given and young participants are encouraged to create and join the projects.
Our organization helps the youth to find a place in the society. We are recognized as a non formal education organization . So we help the youth to take initiatives, to experiment actions that increase their sense of responsibility, of citizenship and active participation in building up the society. We offer them a space of possibilities, through what they can develop their autonomy, their identity and involvement in it. We believe in the potential of each of them, regardless their backgrounds. Any project is an ideal opportunity to open their mind, get to know and understand the meaning of cultural diversity and interculturality by being involved in different kinds of activities. The daily tasks in Hacettepe University is shared between an employee in the position of EVS coordinator and some active volunteers.
We work both on international and local projects. On one hand as a European Voluntary Service sending, hosting and coordinating organization, and on the other hand by supporting local projects held by young people.


  • Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Center Association - Kadın ve Genç Girişim Merkezi Derneği (Youth NGO)
  • Ankara Active Youth Association - Ankara Aktif Gençlik Derneği (Youth NGO)

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Phone: 00905054291265


1) Travel Cost Reimbursement: Please find in attached Infopack the max. amount for travel reimbursement per participants and country. When we get your original arrival and return boarding passes, tickets and invoices then reimbursement will be your bank accounts. (If there is any transfer cost by the banks, it will cover from everyone travel cost, we will not cover it) You should to know without all this documents, no any reimburse, so please dont lost your any kind of documents.(Espically Boarding Passes) If you want to learn detailed travel cost from your home town to project place then please contact with us for that info. Visa Cost: UK, Poland, Spain, Portugal has visa cost. The other nations does not need visa to enter Turkey. 2) The organiser we provide and cover accommodation and food. 3) There is no participation fee

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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