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"Identify (with) your well being" URGENT CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS

Training Course

9-15 October 2016 | Killarney, Ireland

"Identify (with) your well being" is a week long training course that will explore the connection between well-being and sexual identity. We are looking for participants from Italy, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Portugal.
THIS IS A LAST MINUTE CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS TO FILL 6 PLACES ONLY FROM FOLLOWING COUNTRIES: ITALY, IRELAND, BULGARIA, SLOVAKIA, CZECH REPUBLIC AND PORTUGAL OUT OF 9 PARTICIPATING IN THE COURSE Background and theme of the training course For most of us there is a gap between the life we are leading and who we really are. We are living in a world based on who we ‘should be’ and what we ‘should do’, and therefore we are losing connection to our true identity and our unique potential. This is damaging our well-being. We believe that gaining a deeper understanding of ‘who we are’ is an empowering process which can lead to positive life changes. We believe that each individual is unique and by embracing this diversity, we can enrich ourselves and indeed society. Within the context of this diversity we take into consideration one’s sexual and gender identity and societal norms that define and set up the limits of acceptable behaviour and ways of being and expressing. Sexual and gender identity is a complex issue, influenced by culture and the social environment in which people live. It is often seen as something that should not be discussed openly and it still provokes a lot of controversy and shame. In order to live a wholesome and more meaningful life, we need to understand social, cultural and personal aspects that influence our identity, challenge the norms, and take actions which lead to a more congruent life. We can learn how to create a space for living a more authentic life, by fully accessing our own resources of doing, being and living. In this way we are also more capable of sharing our gifts with our environment. We encourage the interaction with the outside world. Well-being depends not only on the inner truth, but also on the interaction from outside. Only in this interaction with your environment – you give, receive and accept - you can empower yourself fully as you really are. In this training course we want to emphasis on this process by mingling participants with different gender background. Moreover we focus on the interaction with the outside world during the TC and anticipating on the learning process after the journey with impulses which leads to positive change in the world of the participants. Changing the world not by dictating or forcing things, but by positive impulses. Overall aim The aim of this training course is to enable participants to cultivate capacities in their own environments that encourage and empower young people to discover, understand and express their authentic self and inner diversity. We will do this by bringing participants themselves on an active journey of self-discovery. We invite participants who are open to experiencing this personal journey and who are in a position to apply their learning to their work with young people after the training course. Objectives To increase awareness of our own inner processes and capacities in a holistic way (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual aspects) and explore how they are contributing to our well-being. To understand social, cultural and environmental aspects that influence our sexual and gender identity. To provide space for participants to understand and overcome blockages related to expressing our inner self. To stimulate the curiosity, vulnerability, confidence and resilience of the participants. To support participants in developing capacities that are transferable to their own environment. To cultivate growth mindset and lifelong learning attitude and approach when supporting young people. To provide space for sharing and exchanging good practices around sexual and gender identity and well-being. To learn more about the Erasmus+ program and its actions, and Youth Pass as a tool of recognition of the key competences Participants Youth workers, project leaders and educators involved in youth work. Participating countries: Bulgaria, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Romania and Belgium

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Training overview


This activity has already happened!

This Training Course is

for 25 participants

from Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovak Republic

and recommended for

Youth workers, Youth leaders

Working language(s):



Dundalk Outcomers (Youth NGO)

Contact for questions:

Sandra Gojic


Phone: +353 85 82 77 332


The food and accommodation will be provided and paid for by the organisers. There will be participation fee of 70 euros. This amount will be deducted from the travel expenses during the transfer of the reimbursement. Travels costs will be covered according to the rules of European Commission and reimbursed by bank transfer after the course. The participants will have to pre-finance their transport arrangements. Travel costs can be reimbursed maximum up to the following amounts: Bulgaria 290 € Slovakia 205 € Portugal 205 € Czech Republic 205 € Italy 205 € Ireland 110 €

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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