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Training Course

1 May - 9 October 2023 | Ängsbacka in Molkom, Sweden

This project aims for a shift towards harmony at a personal, community and global level. We believe a shift in awareness is elementary to transition towards a regenerative and sustainable future at those 3 levels.

About Harmony:

This project aims for a shift towards harmony at a personal, community and global level. We believe a shift in awareness is elementary to transition towards a regenerative and sustainable future at those 3 levels. A shift to bring us back to a sense of interconnectedness with all life, being able to value our inner and outer resources which in turn promotes cooperation, care and respect. Also to bring tools through facilitation dynamics and the arts of embodiment, to identify the resources at our disposal, explain how we connect with them and what ideas or proposals we put forward to create sustainable and regenerative ways.

We bring an explorative and reflexive learning space through the connection with the 5 elements and
embodiments arts as well as tools and resources to move from awareness into regenerative action.

The aim of Harmony is to integrate a holistic view into individuals, organisations and projects, bringing us closer to a more harmonious way of life.

Structure of the project:

This project is a training course that has 3 phases:

PHASE 1: Activity 1 -Training course From 1st to 11th of May 2023 at Ängsbacka (Sweden)

PHASE 2: Local Implementation Phase June - September 2023, happening simultaneously at a local level in all 9 partner countries during June, July, August,

PHASE 3: September 2023. Activity 2 - Capacity Building Meeting From 3rd to 9th of October, 2023 at Ängsbacka (Sweden)


To provide youth workers with:

  • Tools to work on self sustainability and wellbeing,
  • Tools to create healthy, inclusive and cooperative relationships, workplaces and communities,
  • Resources to raise awareness about sustainability and climate action.

Through these main objectives, the project aims to offer an inclusive and safe framework for personal, group and environmental sustainability.

On a broader scale, the project aims to respond to the personal, social, environmental crisis by creating regenerative learning spaces as a transition towards a sustainable and inclusive society, providing young people with tools to face the challenges of global society, to reflect on their personal choices and to encourage them to adopt regenerative lasting solutions.


This Training Course is based on a Non-Formal and Experiential Learning approach, being highly participatory and interactive. We will have an immersive and intensive program full of experiences, movement and action, as well as reflection.

In Harmony we co-create our learning experience together and each individual learning process will take place in a safe space and in a team-oriented and group-supported environment, guided by the facilitators.

Our team stands and acts by the values of soft radical honesty, compassion, empathy and pleasure (understood as wide concepts that will be concreted to build the group dynamic).

You can expect:

  • Body awareness, mindfulness, meditation & breathwork practices
  • Contemporary dance & improvisation movement sessions
  • Self care & self regulation embodiment practices
  • Fire ceremonies, nature connection and elemental rituals.
  • Facilitation techniques of group indagation and processes
  • Sessions and group dynamics on environmental awareness and sustainability.

Learning outcomes:

  • Exchange, develop and acquire healthy foundations and tools for awareness, self sustainability and personal well-being
  • New tools to create healthy, community-based, cooperative, and inclusive working groups and relationships.
  • Acquiring resources for increased resilience as youth workers and organizations
  • How to teach and facilitate through movement, voice, nature connection and applied psychology
  • Acquiring tools and resources to increase environmental awareness and regenerative practices with youth and less informed collectives.

Participants will come back from the training with a professional background enriched by a considerable number of tools, to be able to welcome and empower diversity in their groups and environments. They will be able to support youth and provide them with knowledge and the skills required for better mental wellbeing.

We expect to contribute to the global sustainability and regeneration movement by starting a network of organizations to keep on further developing this work.

In case of any question, please contact us at

Available downloads:


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Applications are closed

The application deadline was 19 March 2023.

Date of selection: 28 March 2023

Training overview


This Training Course is

for 30 participants

from Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden

and recommended for

Youth workers

Working language(s):



Ängsbacka (Youth NGO)


Contact for questions:

Melania Forte


Phone: +34 622169410


Participation fee

In order to cover the expenses of the project, participants are asked to contribute with a Participant’s Contribution on a sliding scale from 80 to 120 € depending on your economical possibilities. To be paid in cash during the registration at the beginning of the 1st Phase.

(We don’t want money to be an issue stopping anyone from learning, so if you can’t honestly afford the participation fee contact us and we are open to discuss alternative possibilities).

Accommodation and food

This training program is co-funded by the European Comission program Erasmus+. The grant covers your participation in the training, accommodation, food and materials. Travel costs are covered up to a maximum amount.

All the detailed information can be found in the infopack.

Travel reimbursement

Travel Costs Reimbursed:

Country Max amount reimbursed per participant each phase

*Sweden - 210€ Green travels

*Estonia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Slovenia - 320€ Green travels

*Bulgaria, Portugal, Spain - 420€ Green travels

Participants are entitled to receive a Youthpass certificate from the organiser, for recognition of their competence development during the activity. Read more about Youthpass:

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