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What is the European Training Calendar (ETC)?

The European Training Calendar (ETC) is a platform to publish international (mainly European) training courses for youth worker / youth leader who want to develop their competences to work with and for young people, to share experiences or to make contacts for common future projects. Besides, the calendar can also publish calls for projects in which youth worker will meet other target groups such as youth policy maker, adult learning organiser, etc in order to learn from each other.

The calendar contains current training offers of different institutions and organisations, such as SALTOs, the National Agencies for the Erasmus +: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps Programmes, non-governmental youth organisations, the European Youth Centres of the Council of Europe, the Partnership Programme on European Youth Worker Training, etc.

You can either search for trainings you want to apply for or - if you are a training provider - offer your own trainings.

For the criteria in formal and content of the training offers see below.

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How can I register on the SALTO website?

To create your own MySALTO user account (which enables you to apply for the offered trainings) click here to sign up.

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I am a registered user, but I have forgotten my user name and password

If you forgot your password or username click here and you will get a new one.

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I have registered to the SALTO website but I have not received the password yet.

If you registered to the SALTO website, or else, requested a new password, but several hours have passed and you have not yet received it in your inbox, then please check the spam inbox. Sometimes the e-mail arrives there.

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How can I change my details?

Log in here and either edit your profile, change your email address or change your password. 

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How can I delete my MySALTO account?

Please login to your MySALTO account. Once you do that, your profile page will be displayed. Find in the first section the button "Edit your profile", then look just below it for the option "or delete it". Please select this option and you will be on your way.

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I am not a youth worker or a youth trainer, where can I search for opportunities?

If you are looking for opportunities as an European young person, then we anvise you to contact Eurodesk. If you are looking for opportunities for other programmes, then please contact your NA for ESC programme or search for other opportunities at the Erasmus+ Programme .

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The answer of my question is not here, what should I do?

For questions not addressed in this section and comments, please contact the

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