SALTO PI priority areas

SALTO Participation & Information RC facilitates and supports the developments in the following key areas of youth participation:

  • Participation should happen everywhere. No decision about young people should be made without their involvement.  Youth participation is and should be an integral part of democratic governance on all levels. But youth participation can also happen outside of youth work, education, policy making and public sector in general. It can and should be promoted in other areas, such as private sector, family life and sport.

  • Participation is smart. Young people are increasingly engaging with new technologies and digital media. There is clearly a role for online or „smart“  youth work practice, in terms of exploiting a new space for youth work in a meaningful way, supporting digital literacy and enabling young people to deal with some of the associated risks. SALTO PI RC in its work will focus on proliferating opportunities for eParticipation.
  • Participation is for all young people. Every young person has the right to be involved in decisions affecting their life. That includes young people with disabilities, young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, LGBTIQ young people, young people not in employment, education or training.
  • Participation is constantly changing. Last two decades have seen a proliferation of youth policies and the creation of participatory structures, such as youth organisations, youth and student councils and parliaments and others across Europe and globally.  There is a need for continuing support and development of the important work these structures are doing. At the same time, young people have been bypassing “traditional” structures and mechanisms for participation. SALTO PI RC prioritises the developmentof alternative and innovative forms and methods for youth participation.
  • Participation is  informed and evidence-based. Despite an extensive body of knowledge on youth participation, its benefits for young people, their communities and the society as a whole, better knowledge is needed of the emerging trends in participation of young people, including within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action context. Providing knowledge on young people’s social and political involvement is an asset that helps shaping better policies and practice. SALTO PI RC aims to support the critical usage of media – combining standard education with training which includes both online tools with offline participation formats. As critical info consumption and good analytical skills play crucial role in building culture of democratic participation, these skills need to be especially supported in the field of youth.
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