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SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information Resource Centre team:

  • Meelika Hirmo, Coordinator
    Meelika's main focus is the 'Information' part of the work of SALTO PI, including relevant and accurate information as a prerequisite for youth participation; media literacy; campaigns supporting youth participation. Meelika is also responsible for SALTO PI's communication.
  • Georg Feiner, Coordinator 
    Georg's main focus is the 'Participation' part of the work of SALTO PI, including mainstreaming the concept of  youth participation; evidence-based and rights-based youth participation; inclusive participation; participatory structures; and youth participation within Erasmus+: Youth in Action and European Solidarity Corps programmes
  • Kelly Hrupa, Assistant

For more information please contact us by email via "firstname" followed by or at:

SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information Resource Centre
Hosted by the Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency,
Koidula 13a, Tallinn 10150 Estonia (5th floor)
Tel: +372 697 9237

For more information about Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency and its activities, please visit its website: or 

  • Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency

    Archimedes Foundation Youth Agency

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