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Who is who in SALTO PI?

  • Meelika Hirmo, Coordinator
    Meelika leads projects related information and communication. She coordinates activities on Media and Information Literacy, strategic communication and cooperation. She has more than 10 years experience on Communication management on a local, regional and international level.
  • Georg Feiner, Coordinator 
    Georg focuses on youth participation mainstreaming and strategic approaches concerning this topic. He also coordinates the work of Think Tank on Youth Participation and is your go-to person in our team regarding youth participation in general. 
  • Kadri Maripuu, Coordinator
    Kadri focuses digital innovation and youth work, exploring topics like e-participation, digital youth work and the needs and development possibilities of European youth work. She is curious about top technologies in the market that could bring some new perspectives to our lives and simplify everyday tasks and excited about human communication and how to glue together teams from different backgrounds and cultures. 
  • Kelly Hrupa, Assistant
    Kelly is the glue of our everyday work taking care of general information flow, procurements and helping us in organising events. She has broad experience in supporting complex systems and projects on a local and international level.

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SALTO-YOUTH Participation & Information Resource Centre
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